Scams Affecting Businesses And Consumers – My Christmas Present To You: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [12-11-18]

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Danny Farrantino sits in for Jim on the Jim Polito show. Craig and Danny discusses how scams are affecting businesses and consumers as well as Craig’s Christmas present for the listeners.

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Airing date: 12/11/2018

Scams Affecting Businesses And Consumers – My Christmas Present To You

Craig Peterson: 0:00

Hey, good morning, everybody. Craig Peterson here. Somebody asked me why I say good morning on these podcasts. It’s it’s just such a great greeting, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of the night. Good morning. It’s just, it’s like sunshine and puppy dogs, is it. So good morning, everybody. I was on the Jim Polito show this morning. But Danny Farrantino who was sitting in for Jim, they asked me if I could sit in and host during the Christmas vacation. But unfortunately, I am going to be out of town and won’t be able to do it so well. And that’s what happens sometimes this morning. If you want to know about what’s going on what the hackers are doing the latest stuff for consumers. That’s what I talked about this morning with Danny, I wanted a quite a bit of detail on that the the details of things you need to do what the scammers are doing. How did they get $12 billion? That’s a number from the FBI out of businesses so what are they doing with the business scams What are they doing with the personal scams and I’ve got a special Christmas present or or late Hanukkah present or whatever you might want to call it here and have your present for people when I talk a little bit about that as well. So here we go with Danny.

Unknown 1:21
That sound means talk to our Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson and Craig apparently the Cape Cod Community College could have used your services buddy

Unknown 1:33

Unknown 1:34
I guess by clicking on an email it led to a six figure loss one employee clicked on an email turns out it was a virus cost him over $800,000

Unknown 1:46
that you see that for two hops and don’t you we we had now did you see that article from a few weeks ago that I sent to German you about how one employee in the federal government one just this one department he was spending a little bit of time in porn turns out and had been downloading thousands of pictures. But he did the same trick and ended up infecting the whole department is it you got to be careful, everybody. And now it’s Christmas time we’re going to be clicking on links, aren’t we

Unknown 2:20
unfortunately. So at this point, they don’t even really need to phish it just attackers are getting your email inbox is nothing really trying, aren’t they?

Unknown 2:29
Yeah, this is getting bad, you know, continually worse. And I just sat down yesterday with another company. This is an investment firm, small, firm family owned and operated and they have had some of these problems as well. We have, you know, we’ve talked a little bit before with Jim about the FBI and what they’ve been saying about something called business email compromise. And the business email compromise is where you get an email, and the bad guys are trying to trick you into cooking on something just like we just talked about here. But now we’re seeing a become a very easy and I would have thought it would get a little harder, but very easy for the bad guys. They’re using social engineering, they’re posing as colleagues are business partners, they get on to LinkedIn, they get onto Facebook, they find out a little bit about you, they don’t even need viruses anymore. They don’t need any of that sort of stuff. Because they can take over your account. And I put a video up on my website a few months ago, showing what they’re doing. And this one woman who was in Eastern Europe, she spent a total of about three hours researching this guy. He was a CEO of a small manufacturing firm, well, not small, I guess technically a larger one, they had about 100 million dollars in revenues to make some medium to large business. And she did some research on this guy found out where he had gone to school, found that more information about him found out just from the website, who was the CFO who were the people in finance, because they hadn’t read on the website. And she then did a little bit more research and calls and pretended that she was his wife that he had a job offer. And hey, AOL wasn’t tool was but AOL Do I need you to get me his password because he’s expecting this email and it’s for a new job. And in the background, she’s playing audio have a baby crying and screaming and the company gave her his email address. Okay, yeah. And so now she had access to his email account because they gave her the password, they did a password reset, no problem, they took care of it all. She then send an email to the CFO saying, Hey,

Unknown 5:02
I’m not account to she knew from his Facebook page that he was down in the Caribbean. I’m out of town, we’ve got this new vendor would be dealing with some some last three months. We haven’t paid the single invoice and if we don’t pay them, things are just going to completely fall apart. Now, she had already gone through his email, figured out a little bit about the business. We were talking a few hours with the work she got $45 million

Unknown 5:29
from this company. They transferred it they CFO wired it to this bank account over and Eastern Europe and it was gone once that money’s gone. It takes 90 seconds is all it takes. And that money Danny can never be recovered once it’s wired out after 90 seconds. So it’s this is real. It’s happening. It’s a $12 billion industry so far and things are just getting worse. We got to be more careful

Unknown 6:00
we’re speaking with Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson. Nick Craig and I know you’ve kind of said it in the past and hinted at it at this point my feeling is it’s an if not when is that is that true

Unknown 6:10
it is a win yeah it’s a one not yet okay it’s already happened or it’s going to happen now Danny I’ve got some really good news my Christmas present to everybody we’ve been working for the last week and a half on a special report for available for anybody for free and we I mentioned it briefly last week we haven’t got it finished yet because I’m going to do some interviews and scheduling interviews right now with Equifax with with a big companies that do credit reports and I’m going to include this but three out of five Americans have never even looked at their credit report and if you buy these various types of insurance like you know that these life hacking companies I’m not going to say the name but they will tell you after the fact that your your credit has been hijacked. Okay. So here’s what I’m doing this is going to be a package of information that you cannot get anywhere else and it’s how you can for free and I’m not charging for this for any of any of the Polito listeners here. Well you know Polito and you our listeners for this thing and it’s going to take you through exactly what to do how to read your credit report what it means and then what you can do to stop the bad guys from opening accounts in your main K and that’s the biggest problem most people have because if you have a credit card and the number stolen and then convenience If however your information is out there and it probably is out there you know look at the Marriott hack 500 million people here just a couple of weeks ago it’s all your information is probably out there you’re absolutely right

Unknown 8:01
what do you do how you do that so it’s going to be step by step by staff and if you want it I’ll send it to you but you have to be on my email list or on my SMS list you can get on my email list by just going to It’s and I will let you know when it’s done. It’s going to be my Christmas present to all of the listeners of the Danny show. How’s that? The Danny Farrantino show.

Unknown 8:29
and we might even let some Jim listeners in on it. But yeah, you’re right. Danny, every one of us has either had our data stolen, or it’s going to be stolen. There’s no question that means it’s going to be misused the social security guys, they will not give you a new social security. Number one, it’s stolen. So what do you do, and that’s exactly what I’m working on. And it drives me batty, these bad guys there. It’s getting so easy for them. They’re causing so much harm. You know, already, I’m trying to help small businesses out. But in this case, we’re talking about consumers. That’s everything you need to do. You can do for free. It’s step by step. It’s only going to take care of half an hour to do all of this stuff. And you’re going to be way more protected than you are right now.

Unknown 9:19
That’s the voice of Craig Peterson, our tech expert and put together a great list for you this holiday season. At some point, Craig will get that out to us. But Craig, in this packet of information you send us on a weekly basis. Criminals hacked into my phone email, drain my checking account how you can avoid being a victim in the story here. Number one thing I see that they did wrong, they use the unsecured Wi Fi. Is that the biggest problem?

Unknown 9:44
Yeah, well, number one, he was using that secured Wi-Fi and number two, it was just an Android. Okay, so yeah, in this particular case, what happened is he’s in this can happen to you sitting in an airport at a coffee shop onto his device over the Wi-Fi they were able to fake him out. And that happens whether you’re on iOS or not if you’re not using a special secure VPN and they were able to use a similar trick that I just described here where they have access your email accounts think about how you reset your password lead let’s say you’ve got a bank account with with TD Bank or Bank of America and you forgot your password and now you’re on their website Danny. What did they do if you put an email address you could forget my password what’s the next thing they do they they send you a text message or they might send an email to another email account well if you have access to that that that email account and now they send you a message there’s one more thing that they’re doing today to and that is if you don’t answer your phone they will leave you a a voicemail with the reset password

Unknown 11:05
we have voicemail it’s called Visual Voicemail. Do you have that on your phone, I don’t know Visual Voicemail it what it does is they leave a voicemail, it turns it into text and email that to you. Which means if they have access to your email account, they know who your bank is. Because it’s in your email. Yeah, they go to that bank’s website they say I forgot my password because they know what your email address is it leaves a voicemail I am that voicemail then goes into your email box and now have your reset for your your bank account now they have access to your bank account and everything else. Okay. So this gets very complicated in but it’s simple to do right for these bad guys. And they do it in math and it destroys people’s finances every day. So I’m I’m bound and determined to stop this guy is Fanny. We got to educate the consumers better

Unknown 12:02
drag thank goodness for people like you. And then the good guys, you know, who tried to keep all of us safe. Unfortunately, that was there was so much stuff on this list. We didn’t get to everything today. If people want to hear more. What’s the best way to get hold the

Unknown 12:14
it’s 855-385-5553. You can send me a text any time I’ll answer your questions. Of course, normal data and text rates apply 855-385-5553 and I’ll let you know when I’ve got that Christmas present. Ready for everybody. 

Unknown 12:33
Craig as always great stuff looking forward to that Christmas present. And then we’ll talk again next week.

Unknown 12:37
Hey thanks, Danny. Bye bye.

Unknown 12:38
Craig Peterson. As always great stuff. They’re just trying to help keep us all safe. As you kind of said it’s unfortunately a when not if but there’s ways that Craig can help keep us safe. And if you follow those maybe it’ll be a little bit longer. Anyways, 851 here on a Tuesday morning. We’ll take a break. Then we’ll wrap things up you listening to the Jim…