The Stats On Net Neutrality Are Out – We Are All Winning: AS HEARD ON: WTAG: [09-04-18]

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Find out more about how we are winning with the end of net neutrality as Craig talks about it more in depth with Jim Polito.
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Airing date: 09/04/2018

The Stats On Net Neutrality Are Out – We Are All Winning


Craig Peterson: 0:00 Hey, Craig Peterson here. You guys remember the whole quote, debate, unquote, about net neutrality? I never thought there was a debate here. There was no sense in this whole idea of net neutrality. It just when you played it out, it was absolutely ridiculous. So any how we got some stats, some hard numbers, what has happened since the end of net neutrality, and that’s where I talked about this morning with Jim. So here we go.

He is the man. He is our tech talk guru. And he’s our good friend. I’m talking about Craig Peterson. Got some important stuff to discuss today. Good morning, sir. How are you? Hey,

Good morning, Jim. Doing well this morning. You know, it’s almost the end of the heat wave like this. And they get good again. Yeah, that

for a Canadian? Yes, absolutely. For Canadian. This is heatstroke. weather. So,

you know, I’m an American now, right?

Oh, no, no, no, no, I know that. I meant more like, you know, like, we, which we’re very happy about that you did, because you’re a wonderful addition to the country. I just met, like, you know, being a Canadian coming from Canada being raised. They’re not necessarily the customs. I’m talking about the climate

and all that. Yeah. Yeah, like a please. You know, like half an hour of sunlight a day. You know, all that stuff. That’s it. Well, actually, now, were you not where you came from? But, you know,

yeah, well, in the summertime, the sun never actually quite set. It was worse. It was Twilight though. And my daughter’s in worse shape. Right now. She’s up in Norway. And she’s saying that the days are already getting cold. It’s below freezing.

Yeah, that’s, it’s nice to go there in the summer.

If you wanted to come visit, I’m not so sure.

You just tell her dad. He’s got a big new contract. He’s working on me. Can’t I’ll be there. I’ll be there in June.


Well, we need your help today. Because two things have come up net neutrality and an actual increase in internet speed ranking. So in the US. So remember, we I think we just need a refresher on what net neutrality was. And now we were told that the sky would fall if net neutrality went away. It did go away and the sky hasn’t fallen. So could you lay it out for me, please?

Sure. Absolutely. I had a request to do exactly that. Another station and another station today, Craig, can you come on, I want you to take net neutrality from both sides. I want you to be productive neutrality and anti net neutrality. And I said, you know, I’m not sure I can take the pro side. But I can tell you what they’re saying. And what they were saying, Jim, was that we need a way for the government to regulate the internet very, very closely. We need to make sure that the federal government has control over everything that’s online, so that we can enforce free speech rights. But you know, more burden than ever, what we need to do is make sure that these big bad evil companies are not over charging their constituents never word your your internet service provider, whether it be you know, Comcast or whoever it might be even your phone provider, make sure that they have to obey the same rules that were put in place in the 1930s on top of the telephone companies. So that’s what they were doing. They said, if we don’t have net neutrality, everything’s going to fall apart, the speeds are going to slow down and people going to get charged way more is just going to be a terrible, horrific thing. Of course, this was during the Obama administration. And they didn’t bother mentioning that, in fact, the internet and it survive just fine without the FCC regulating it for more than 20 years. He back the internet internet had grown immensely over that time.

So it’s this big monster.

Yeah, we need control over and you know, what I get concerned about right now is we’ve got the right wing voices and libertarian voices, basically everything except for socialist, slash communist, socialist, fascist voices, all of the other voices out there are getting squashed. And I’m getting concerned. Because we have a lot of people who are saying, whoa, wait a minute. Now, we need to regulate the internet. And the voices that are saying that today are tend to be on the right hand side of the aisle, the left hand side,

which is a flip,

yeah, it’s a big flip. And, and I’m kind of wondering if this isn’t the manipulation. But I was against to the whole idea of so called net neutrality, because here’s, here’s the bottom line problem. You’ve got some kid sitting in the basement of his mom’s house, like the typical picture, right. And he’s sitting there playing these streaming video games with a dozen of his closest friends around the world. He’s got Netflix movie playing over here, and he’s got his streaming music playing over there. And he’s just using bandwidth coming out of the kazoo. And the people who are pro net battle net neutrality were saying, Hey, listen, he shouldn’t have to pay more than the grandmother next door who’s living off of social security and all she’s looking for is a nice little picture of the great grand kids or grandkids to come in on a piece of email. So in their mind those were equivalent in their mind Netflix which uses more than half of all of the Internet bandwidth in this country that Netflix we should be paying the same and should not be charged by the backbone providers any more than your local soccer team was in the gym? Yeah,

because they were vacuuming it up

exactly and why would they have to be responsible for why would someone that pain Netflix to watch movies Why would they have to pay more if they have a plane movies all day long and someone that never opens a movie never streams video right it was insanity so I was absolutely against it. And I told everybody about it on my show on your show and they listen this is this is just stupid. And worst of all, what it’s going to do is it’s going to stop expansion the growth we had seen on the internets going to stop because you had to go to the FCC and kiss the ring, pardon me,

and and say, Hey, listen, I have a whole new model for doing business. And in fact, the very first case that was brought in front of the FCC for for arbitration was a company that wanted to give free streaming movies to people. And the FCC said, No, you can’t do that. Because, you know, lines and isn’t doing that. And it just wouldn’t be fair to these other companies out there if you give stuff away for free. So under Obama’s net neutrality rules, they were stopping us from getting free stuff. So it’s it’s absolutely wonderful now that President Trump put in a new chairman for the FCC, whose life has been threatened, whose children’s arrives had been threatened by apparently left wingers because he did the see it’s crazy. He now has armed security guards, but the new chairman of the FCC got rid of his net neutrality rules. And the beauty of this gym is exactly what I predicted would happen did happen. And that is the companies started to invest in the internet again, because they realize they could charge people based on what they were using. So now they could afford to improve the internet. It’s like them well, maybe it’s not like the mass pike. But you know, with a pipe if you use it more, you pay more

Yeah. And and they can, of course, do the repairs and make the better roads to handle the trucks, etc, etc. Right. So now the internet we have doubled in our position here. And since the end of net neutrality, the United States average internet speed has gone from in the world to six in the world. See, that’s impossible, because the liberals are telling us that wasn’t gonna happen. No, it’s gonna get worse. Yeah, that’s

it. That’s impossible. You’re lying. You’re lying.

I have this stat you go online, you can see it right there. We’ve got some tweets that people will put the now basically say almost the same thing. But it’s showing a dramatic increase. In fact, my I switched my carrier, my telephone carrier over and the for the first time in like almost 30 years, I got cell service 25 years ago. And I stuck with the same company the whole time and I just switched over because I found another carrier now that’s given me twice the speed for half the cost under net neutrality they would have had to go to the FCC they would have had to beg permission to charge less and deliver more thank goodness it didn’t happen and I morning the conservatives and out there don’t to fall for the trap here of trying to regulate the internet in order to stop these left wingers from blocking free speech because if they will get what they want, and they will get all of this regulation and we’ll go back to some of the insanity that we had in the 80s and 90s with the so called fairness doctrine that just backfired on everybody so it’s gone thank goodness things are getting better dairy is

folks right there Craig Peterson explaining a said it before and he was right now if you want to get other information from Craig Peterson, you can without any hassle. The only thing is that the standard data and text rates apply. But I will if you text My name him to this number 855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553.

You will get all of this information plus more. Plus, if there’s ever a big hack. He will notify you and tell you what to do. He will never sell your name. And he will never try to sell you anything and he will protect you, Craig. Always a pleasure. That was an excellent explanation and vindication of really a position you took quite a while ago. Oh, yes. Oh, thanks. Yeah, thanks, Craig. All right. Don’t go anywhere.

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