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Craig is on with Jim Polito talking about Thanksgiving and the ups and downs of digital privacy. How do you stop Google from tracking your location and activities?

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Airing date: 11/20/2018

The Ups And Downs Of Digital Privacy

Craig Peterson: 0:00
Hey, good morning everybody. Craig Peterson here. Massachusetts, just this week on Monday it became legal to sell recreational marijuana. Now I want you to listen to this interview with Jim and tell me if you think he’s well, I don’t know. Maybe he’s, I think he visited a pot shop earlier this week 

Unknown 0:27
Good old Jim Polito. Oh, we had a great discussion this morning about online privacy. He brought up some really great issues it talk more than I did today. So here we go with Jim Polito. Oh, by the way, everybody have a great Thanksgiving and thanks to everybody who responded to my email that I sent out to some of those subscribers about trying to have a little get together have friends to talk about this whole problem with small business and computers and security and everything so

Unknown 1:00
Thanks to you, and if you haven’t seen a response from me yet, that’s because I’m going through I’m sending individual responses to everybody. So this is this is not just an in the blind to everybody. So hey, anyways, here we go with Mr. Jim.

Unknown 1:14
He’s the man, the myth, the legend. Hey, you know that he wrote code that is still in use and the internet. I’m talking about our good friend and Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson. Good morning, Craig. How are you doing today, buddy? Always a pleasure to see you. Hey, good morning, doing really well. What is no way

Unknown 1:39
the snow and the cold for you is nothing. It’s like, like for you. It’s like you’re back home. Which reminds me when his Canadian Thanksgiving Mr. Peterson well in the US they call it Columbus Day. So it’s about a month earlier and with our family. We actually had another session.

Unknown 2:00
You’ve been September because one of my daughters with along with their husband was home from Norway and they just love Thanksgiving. So I got three shots. This thing giving this year I love Listen, I would take that I would take that it’s my favorite holiday. And what’s interesting, Craig is that if the Canadians are celebrating Thanksgiving around Columbus Day,

Unknown 2:24
the Canadians are probably more accurate or closer to the day the actual first Thanksgiving took place because it would have been a harvest festival and it was likely late September early October in 1621. So Craig I guess the Canadians have us beat on this one even though we had the first Thanksgiving yeah it’s interesting there’s all kinds of differences you know Canada they call all the indigenous people First Nations I thought cool Yeah. First Nation other words, there was a first or

Unknown 3:00
Establish a nation. I mean, they were here the whole time. But yeah, I thought the whole thing of interest, I just love the story of that first Thanksgiving and, you know, moving the Commonwealth out of really being the Caitlyn, who else? yeah how people were finally about starving to death. It’s a great story. This is not sold. And I know and I’m telling it and this is a chance for a shameless plug. Even though there’s no money involved in this one on wt ag on Thanksgiving morning at 9am and on why. And on Thanksgiving morning at 7am my Thanksgiving special I actually went to you know, I’m a little bit of a history buff. I went to Plymouth Plantation and produced a one hour special on it using the reactors. They’re

Unknown 3:47
like I’m interviewing them in in modern day because when you go to Plymouth Plantation, they don’t break character Craig. They stay in character and they become

Unknown 4:00
Hey, there’s and they represent actual people who were there in the Plymouth Colony and historical people. So I interviewed them and use them in it. And then I got someone from a what they call the indigenous program there a native person who runs that program of the whopping dog. And but they, they, when you see them there in the dress of the period and working

Unknown 4:26
in the their homes of the period, but they they speak to you and you know modern parlance you know, they don’t, they don’t play act because they say, we don’t have to play act. We’re native people when

Unknown 4:41
we were here. So with all that in mind, I want to ask you about this thing with Google because it’s kind of a

Unknown 4:49
it’s a good bad situation. You sent me this information. So if you don’t want Google tracking you

Unknown 4:58
if you want your privacy better.

Unknown 5:00
back, you will have to give up some convenience. You’re going to tell us how you can do it with your smartphone and with with your iPhone or with your Android, but

Unknown 5:10
you give up to get that privacy, the suggestions and things that Google does for you that actually I prefer, because like when I go to YouTube, I like when they suggest videos to me that are videos I’d be interested in because they know what I watch. But why don’t we talk about that start with start there, Craig?

Unknown 5:30
Well, it is kind of interesting, because all the major manufacturers, Google and Apple, certainly the real big ones are interested in in the whole mobile assistance marketplace. Google has something they call in a system and the idea is it really does track you particularly if you’re using an Android device. So let’s say for instance, that you go down to New York City and it notices that the last couple of times you’ve

Unknown 6:00
down to New York City, you’ve always been in this one neighbor of us. And it goes so far as to notice which restaurants you’ve eaten. And in other words, which ones you went in. And you stay for a while, right? So now you go to the north, and or you go somewhere in Boston, who knows what you like, at least out in New York the different areas yourself, too. And the idea is, the google assistant will make recommendations to you based on what you’ve done in the past, even in other city. Wow,

Unknown 6:33
that’s really quite cool. It’s very nice. But it’s, it’s the same time. Yeah, so Google knows that at nighttime. Your phone resides at 123 Main Street in Western Mass. And so now if his figured out Well, that’s probably worth gym lifts right there on Main Street. Yep. And I seen his calendar that he has an appointment later on today. Going

Unknown 7:00
But he has another one first. And so it figures out your route for the day. The idea is, it will wake you up. It’ll tell your fingers working to do now. Here’s what’s going on. Yeah. How about I order to Noli for you while you’re in the north and you get up here? That’s where they’re hoping to take this whole thing. And you know what, it’s already doing some of that already, because it will Google Maps. I never assigned where home was, but it eventually picked up okay, this is home free gym. This is where he lives and eventually asked me Do you want to set this as home in your Google Maps

Unknown 7:41
getting a little forward with you? Yeah, yeah. And I did only because I like to hit one button. You know, I use my smartphone is my GPS my car. I mean, these are all great things, Craig. But what you’re giving up for these is privacy I’m giving

Unknown 8:00
up all of the privacy and there’s a part of me. I’ve always been the type that has said, I don’t care if what people do and what people look at me look at for me because I’m not doing anything wrong. I don’t care. I mean, of course, I believe in the Bill of Rights. But you know, in terms of the government, I don’t care because I’m not doing anything wrong. But there’s another part of me that says, Hmm, I don’t know if I like this.

Unknown 8:28
Think about this. 510 years down the road. We’re going to have autonomous cars, fully autonomous cars. Yeah, and these things are going to be driving around and it’s going to tie into your system and your system now is going to say you’ve got a meeting in you need a car I’m going to have a car pick you off at 10am. If you’re not going to own a car. Certainly in 20 years. Most people won’t have a car anymore yeah, and and it’s going to show up well, it’s a bad guy. nose mouth.

Unknown 9:00
That that Jim is going to this meeting. And let’s say the bad guy wants to frame the who, who’s got everything they might need. Let’s say the bad guy wants to attack you. We have already cases in New York City down in Central Park where bad guys put sensors on trees and those sensors. He texted people’s Fitbit as they went by and those fit bits were then track and the bad guys were able to track the specific women in order to attach them to rob them and the other various things that might have been trying to do so all of that data being there It’s one thing for marketers to have it because it might be a benefit right yeah there I think there’s a benefit I don’t consider it annoying when you when you want to buy a car that’s when you want to see the car commercials all the time right right and and the other side of it with the government is well you know

Unknown 10:00
The government gets to have a quick look at my data and say yeah, obviously Jim wasn’t even he say or nearest he’s not a suspect in this white cast the net that’s the benefit to because now you’re not getting harassed and getting pulled into the precinct again.

Unknown 10:17
So, so there’s some benefits there. But the, the negative parts of all of this, ours is that data essentially gets out. Look at the about 30 million Facebook accounts. Right? You reach the goal, right, right. And big data is taking all of that is selling it it’s putting this together knows and it’s going to be yeah and and and that’s the that’s the worry. You know, it’s funny, you talked about the Fitbit thing because you had a few weeks ago told us about how the government didn’t want members of the military when they’re deployed to put on their Fitbit because the same thing could be done the bad guys in the park who were looking to attack women by tracking their shipping.

Unknown 11:00
Bad guys in Afghanistan and Iraq would do the same thing to try to track our soldiers. So if I want to get off that, and I know at the end of this segment, folks we’re with Greg Peterson, we’re going to give you a number you’d be text My name to, he’ll send you this information. But in standard data in text rates apply. But Craig, it’s not that hard in the settings of your smartphone.

Unknown 11:23
To stop this know there’s a few things that you’re going to need to do. And it does obviously varies from Android, iOS, and which version of Android you’re on a better etc. But basically, you go to my activity, and that’s where it shows you how you’re being tracked online. And once you’re in there, you’re logged into your Google account online by the ways what you’re doing so yes, you’re going to the web Google my activity. It’s showing how your tracked online and you can open that button you can set it up and change it. There’s six sections in there that you’re going to find it

Unknown 12:00
And you can also control your Android phone tracking from there. Your phone’s track tied into Google account, which probably is. Yeah, if you’re an iPhone user, you can toggle off web and act as app activity, location history, there’s a bunch more, this gets a little bit complicated, but we’re talking about three to five minutes worth of work. Yeah, you can turn that off. And I think that’s the big positive now, you should just, you know,

Unknown 12:31
expect that you’re not going to get all those conveniences after you do that. And by the way, folks will get you this information

Unknown 12:39
in in from Craig Peterson, but you should expect to knock and have the convenience anymore, a lot of that will go away, no doubt about it, it’s still going to track you if you’re using the map application dapp obviously it needs to but other than that, the features the assistance and other things that you might like are really as he says it’s going to go away.

Unknown 13:00
Alright let’s go on to something else which is getting rid of your personal information online and and you were talking about Apple CEO Tim Cook talking about need for digital privacy reform I don’t know that’s kind of like him talking about it’s like the chicken I mean the fox guarding the chicken coop but I mean how do you will send the information but but what’s possible What are you able to do well again the Apple iOS platform is your least monitor a randomized everything but it’s hard to reconstruct Apple can even give it to the government okay they don’t have it bottom line but as you know over time it’s going to become impossible Jim you know I think we are on a ship that’s been scuttled yeah and the odds were going to survive this are almost zero.

Unknown 14:00
You know, from a standpoint of our privacy, it’s going away. People are giving it up. We’re using our credit cards all time was using Apple Pay, et cetera. And all of this is just a little bit of the time. Right? As you move from a cashless society, to an all digital society, yeah. And who knows where from man, it’s To me, it’s, it’s scary. Tim Cook. Typing has some great ideas. And I’m glad to hear Apple really is concerned about privacy. They haven’t been the best in the world about privacy, but they’re nowhere near as bad as Facebook or obviously our friends at Google. All right, let’s find out how to get this information. So what you do is you text My name to this number.

Unknown 14:52
855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553.

Unknown 15:00
Standard data and text rates apply. Craig Peterson will not pester you. He’ll send you this information so that you’ll be able to do it yourself. Or at least you’ll be able to have the information. Should you decide you want to do it. And don’t forget Craig Peterson will be back here on Friday in the seven o’clock hour. We’re going to talk Black Friday, we’re going to talk Cyber Monday. We’re going to talk buying online with Craig Peterson. Craig, thank you so much. And Happy Thanksgiving to you, sir. Hey, thank you. Take care. Take care. Speaking of Thanksgiving, the turkey is our final word. You’re listening. 


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