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Amazing War Technology launched last week. $2.7 Billion and it uses an Xbox controller. Jim and Craig spend time discussing the launch of some of our most advanced war technology and what technology is being used to control some of the maneuverings.

Craig and Jim talk about some of Apples newest microtechnology and which military applications might use it in the future.

Google and Facebook and their Big Data business model is the problem. Don’t want to have your browsing searches tracked. Craig shares with Jim some of the choices you have if you don’t want to have your every search tracked.

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Airing date: 03/27/2018

USS Colorado – Navy Using Xbox Controllers

Jim Polito: [00:00:01] Here he is. One of the most anticipated guests all week not just because he’s smart because he’s fun. I’m talking about our Tech Talk guru, Craig Peterson. Good morning sir.

Craig Peterson: [00:00:15] Hey good morning Jim. Hey it’s looking like spring. Like what’s going on?

Jim: [00:00:20] Well it looks like spring to a Canadian. OK. Down here. It’s looking like spring to a Canadian. I mean the rest of us had stood looking like oh boy it’s going to hit 40 today. I know that’s almost beach weather for you. I know that Craig.


Craig: [00:00:41] Yesterday we were outside right and she was born and raised in Southern California. Ok?


Jim: [00:00:46] Oh my gosh.


Craig: [00:00:48] She was a CHP officer down there. A cop, you know out on the streets. And we were out walking around yesterday. We went out for lunch to kind of celebrate. She was not wearing a coat or jacket or a sweater. Nothing. And it was what 42 degrees or something. 40 degrees according to the cops. And we both commented how come September, October 40 degrees is going to feel really cold.


Jim: [00:01:16] It does. It does. Now it’s pretty good. My grandmother used to say when I was a little kid. My Nonnie she would say your blood thins in the summer and it thickens in the winter. Like I believed it. But I mean you know she was trying to say yeah, you’ll get to it and then you become accustomed to it and that’s why the change in temperature feels so good. But I guess you’re right. And if somebody from Southern California can begin to feel that way I yes I can too. Not that I want it to be super hot because then I’ll complain again. But I’ve been having so many laughs with this all day since you sent me this information.


So you’re telling me that one of the most sophisticated pieces of war machinery, a nuclear sub, has some of its operations controlled by an X-Box controller. Ok.


Craig: [00:02:16] I knew you’d like this one. I knew it.


Jim: [00:02:16] I saw that and I was like, so I said that’s why I’ll bring in Steve here now and Danny. I said these two guys could now be the point of the spear in our defense system. You know I get these two X-Box experts be like, they could they could take over a nuclear sub. Steve, you’re going to get in there with the X-Box controller aren’t you?


Steve: [00:02:45] Yeah. Like you said you got to have the switchers so that when you’re not shooting nuclear missiles you can play old Tiger Woods.


Jim: [00:02:52] See what I mean? See? See? This is so.


Craig: [00:02:54] Are they going to put it up on twist?


Jim: [00:02:55] Yeah they will. Of course they will. Now here’s the thing. Explain this to me why an X-Box, I mean with all the money we spend on defense, why an X-Box controller is in a sub and I don’t mean in the wreck hall. It’s in the sub. It’s part of the operations of the sub? it is while Groton Connecticut.


Craig: [00:03:17] It is. Well in Groton. Connecticut of course. Big military base here for Navy, the SEALs. I had a son who was on base for a while and they’ve got the boomers there. They’re the big nuclear submarines. And last week the USS Colorado was launched. This thing is huge. It’s 7,800 tons from when it submerged. The Navy says it will do 25 knots which means it’ll probably do 50.


Jim: [00:03:45] Yeah. Because they will never tell you that, right. They’ll never tell you the exact specifications.


Craig: [00:03:51] Yeah exactly. So this thing can attack submarines. It can attack surface ships. It can control surveillance. It can deliver Special Operations troops. Launch missiles. OK. It’s just an amazing, amazing ship. So why are there X-Box controllers on it? You know back in the day they used to have just all kinds of regular old dials and knobs and handles in order to control things. And now we’ve got the computers on board. And when you’re talking about computers it can get sophisticated. But why not let the computers be sophisticated and let’s make a user interface simple. And the user interface is the part that you and I have to use. Right. So the Navy got together and they asked a bunch of junior officers and junior enlisted guys what can we do to make your life better? And one of the things that came out of what the Navy found in this whole thing was the controls on the systems including the controls for the scope. Now of the new submarines don’t have that you know the down periscope right. That’s such a great. Kelsey Grammer. But anyways they don’t have the down periscope anymore but they still have to have controllers. And they say well they’re kind of heavy and they’re just so clunky. So they figured that an X-Box controller’s easier for the junior officers and for sailors to get used to. It’s vastly cheaper because how much is a toilet seat cost?


Jim: [00:05:34] Yeah right.


Craig: [00:05:40] Yeah. How much of this photonic math man grips and the imaging control panel cost on the nuclear submarine? 38,000 dollars. Versus the X-Box controller that they’re buying off the shelf. They buy a couple of extras in case there’s a problem. At 30 dollars. Yeah, 30 bucks. Compared to 38,000. Well name now I’m happy but


Jim: [00:06:00] Oh my God. Now I’m happy. But it’s a piece of plastic too. You know. I hope no. But I hope they get a couple of extras. You know. Just in case. Because, you know, they break.


Craig: [00:06:16] It did cost 2.7 billion dollars to build the USS Colorado. That’s what’s reported. And of course thousands of shipyard employees in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Virginia, even Mass., helping out. So I think this is a really good idea. The kids are going to be kids right. They’re going to be able to use it kind of out of a box. It feels good in their hands. It’s something they’re used to. We’re going to see more and more of this. In fact you think about the controllers for our, some of our self equipment. Our drones. Our military drones. That’s what they’re using for those now too. So this is the future. Right. And we can expect, you know the next thing is going to be? We already heads up displays.


Jim: [00:07:02] You know like G.I. Joe and the Frog Man suit coming out of the coming out of the submarine.


: [00:07:10] Yeah. Well all they have to do is look at something. Right. And we already have some of that in some of our helicopters where the pilots, they can turn their heads in order to look at things.


Jim: [00:07:31] Right. And it will bring you right it will bring in targeting and things like that.


Craig: [00:07:36] So look at the micro technology that Apple has. About two years ahead of everybody with the iPhone X, which is the one that scans your face. That technology now, think of all the military applications for that. We can see absolutely everything and that type of technology also is going to help with detecting emotions although we’re not great at most emotions right now. Figuring now the emotions in the face. But the emotions you know the ability to fire something and look at things we now can do almost all of that. So where X-Box controllers today and eventually there are just the military just able to look at something and you know do a double blink and off goes the missile you know or maybe they use the X-Box controller for some of that too. But it makes sense. It’s less expensive and it’s going to require a lot less training.


Jim: [00:08:32] Craig this is fascinating. We’ve only got like a minute left and there’s so many other good things that Craig sent to me that we’re going to give you a number at the end of this that you need to get. I’m going to give you a sampling. I’m going to give you a sampling. Obama campaign director drops bombshell claim on Facebook. They were on our side. Meet Hillary’s other much more powerful and shadowy Oppo research firm. Remember Fusion GPS? She’s got one worse than them. China to bar people with bad social credit from planes and trains. No not financial credit from planes and trains. But quickly, Cambridge Analytica. These are the folks that everybody saying oh they stole the election from Trump and they’re the problem. And you’re saying no they’re not the problem. Google and Facebook are the problem.


Craig: [00:09:29] Yeah. Those two companies, Google and Facebook are collecting everything they can on you and using it to sell that information. Use it to create money by selling the information. Apple is the only major company that is a 100 percent against it. In fact, does not collect any of this information. The business models that Zuckerberg has been using and that Google has been using, not just the business models that maybe we don’t even know about but that they’ve been talking about, those business models are the problem here. And many people are canceling their Facebook accounts or moving away from it. A lot of people started using DuckDuckGo instead of Google. Use it. Try it. Http:// I’ve had them on my show before. They don’t track what you’re searching or searching for. They don’t now put ads up on every Web site that you go to. The problem is the business model.


Jim: [00:10:21] It’s, they’re not going to make a lot of money.


Craig: [00:10:33] No they’re not. But they’re not in it to become the richest man in the world.


Jim: [00:10:29] Like Google the monster. All right. You hear all that great stuff folks? So what I want you to do is text to my name Jim to this number.


Craig: [00:10:49] 855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553.


Jim: [00:10:57] All right. Craig, fascinating. Fascinating. You always hit a home run. This was a grand slam. So folks don’t forget standard data and text rates apply on that number and Craig will not sell your name or anything else to anybody. Craig look forward to talking with you next week.



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