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This morning, Craig talks with Jim Polito about the latest Facebook hack. Was your account compromised? Find out more about this new hack and how to remove yourself from people search sites and erase your online presence.
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Airing date: 10/02/2018

What Data Are Websites Keeping – How Do You Scrub Yourself From The Internet

Craig Peterson: [00:00:00] Hey, good morning, everybody. I’m putting the final polishing touches here on today’s webinar. I’ve got this series going in case you haven’t heard this week, three absolutely free webinars, no credit card required. Nothing all about security for your business. So I’m trying to raise awareness. It is Cyber Security Awareness Month. And hopefully, we’ll have a lot of people learn a lot of things from this. This is not a big sales job. We’ve got three webinars. I do have an offer at the end. But there is a ton of important information. And people that have attended these webinars in the past have said some really great stuff about it. So this morning I was on with Jim Polito, we talked a little bit about the Facebook hack. But we also went into quite a bit more detail about something that I think affects us all in this is our information, where’s it stored online? What are they doing with it, and how can we opt out so all of that and more right here with Jim Polito if you want to attend the webinars you gotta let me know and let me know right away. Just email me@craigpeterson.com. That’s probably the easiest way to do it. me@craigpeterson.com.

Unknown 1:23
The man with all the answers. I’m talking about. Our good friend at Tech Talk guru Craig Peterson. Good morning, sir.

Unknown 1:32
Good morning, Jim.

Unknown 1:34
So much to talk about today. I want to get through all of it. Let’s start with Facebook.

Unknown 1:40
Be afraid. Be very afraid. Right?

Unknown 1:45
Yeah, you know, here’s Facebook and company that we all we trust.

Unknown 1:50

Unknown 1:53
yeah, you know, we talked about Facebook before now the monetary and everything and spiking as well. Facebook investigation is still ongoing. In case you haven’t heard of. They were hacked. Least 50 million people. There’s doubts now. But it was a few as 15 million people’s accounts were hacked, including Mark Zuckerberg himself,

Unknown 2:15
his own his own account.

Unknown 2:19
Whoo. To find a now

Unknown 2:24
we’ve got a Canadian Thanksgiving coming up. So gotta get the A’s out there.

Unknown 2:30

Unknown 2:31
Hey, okay. Boy.

Unknown 2:34
The world was watching TV the other day, and it was claiming to be Canadian. And he had no Canadian accent at all he didn’t face. So rewrite

Unknown 2:46
that story instead of sorry, how did he say? What did he say? You know, when somebody said, What time is it? It’s a boot. Nine o’clock. Did he say that?

Unknown 2:56
You know? Yeah. No, he didn’t. He said. Schedule instead of schedule. Schedule. Yeah.

Unknown 3:04
All kinds of things. You know, what’s going on with didn’t see process in place of process.

Unknown 3:11
Yeah, exactly. He actually said, we’re making progress.

Unknown 3:16
It was the thing he didn’t get a single thing.

Unknown 3:19
Canadians. Now we can’t have it. It’s it’s all part of this new rework of NAFTA. Too many fake ad. And so Facebook. What? What’s going on?

Unknown 3:30
Yeah, well, this was a very sophisticated hack. And I’m not gonna go into the details because it’s like crazy sophisticated, the, to some Oh, off to tokenize basically cookies and, and how to fake out the website. And they had to use three different bugs that Facebook ad in order to make this hack work. And Facebook did catch it hard to tell exactly how long it went on. They still haven’t decided to all of the details, at least announce all the details yet. But if your account was hacked on Facebook, the there is a sign there is a way to tell. Okay, that is what they were using for the hack was the automatic login, right? You go to a lot of sites, and they recognize you based on the machine you’re coming from. Right. And they’ll just walk you right in. Right. Obviously, bad idea for your bank. Yeah, and various other places

Unknown 4:30
that don’t do that.

Unknown 4:32
Yeah, exactly. That type of an automatic login is what was used. So Facebook went ahead and expired those tokens on all of them accounts that they think we’re half and that means you would have had to have we logged into Facebook this week. And that’s where the tell you were hacked. it it’s it’s hard to say what they got from Facebook. Yeah, we’ll know more over the next week or two and more information comes out.

Unknown 5:01
Alright, so what should I do right now, Craig,

Unknown 5:07
if you use the same login name or password on Facebook, if you use that same one on any other account, it’s time to change your passwords again. Because what they’ll what they’ll do is they’ll use the information they gathered in order to hack you another something else that’s happening right now. And this is called a business email compromise. And what they’re doing is they’re mining data about people. Now, the FBI just came out with some new stats about two weeks ago and said that over the last 24 months, over the last two years, the bad guys have stolen more than cloud billion dollars out of business bank account.

Unknown 5:54
That’s that’s what you told us about that email before too.

Unknown 5:58
Yeah, exactly. So what you can worry about with a Facebook hack here is the bad guys are going to try and trust you, they’re going to send you an email, it may appear to be from your boss, or someone else, you know, it might be from a friend or using this also for various types of extortion. So you may get a phone call or text or something else that looks like it’s from your friends saying that they’ve been taken hostage, right, and that you have to pay or maybe they’re in a hospital, they need some money, wire graduate. All of these tricks are part of that $12 billion, it’s stolen. And you should be careful because Facebook now are the bad guys. Now how your information from Facebook about who your friends are. Remember, you uploaded your contacts to Facebook. Many people did this.

Unknown 6:53
Yeah. And now the bad guys may have access to it. We just we don’t really know yet. And it’s going vary from account to account as to what information they might have taken. But it’s a big math and will keep up to date. All right, password change. And speaking of keeping you up. Today, we’re talking with Greg Peterson, a tech talk growth the end of the segment, I’m going to give you a well, he’s going to give you a phone number, you text My name to it. And he will keep you updated on all of this stuff. And he won’t sell your name. He won’t give it away, won’t try to sell you something. And so you might want to consider doing that standard data in text rates apply. All right, let’s get on to this other thing, which I really took advantage of as a reporter. These people search sites and a lot of them are free. You don’t have to pay I go in there. I put in Craig Peterson or Robert Peterson. And there he is. I get a lot of information. Where is he lived? How old is he? I can sometimes get phone numbers. Other things. How do I you know, I liked it as a reporter. But now as private person, how do I protect myself from these sites?

Unknown 8:05
Yeah, they are used by a lot of people. Again, it goes back to what I was talking about a second ago with the whole problem with business email compromise, you gotta be gotta be super careful about this. But how do you protect yourself, the easiest way is you go to Google and you do a search for yourself, and find where your information is out there. So that you can ask for to be removed. Okay, I’ve got a great article up in it. It’s from ZTE. NET on how to do this on my website. But bottom line, Google is your friend. If you’re in the EU, you have the so called right to be forgotten, and citizens can request the removable Movil any information from Google as well as other Google own products and many other sites. But you and I, you just can’t do that sort of thing. So you really want to do you want to do privacy check up on Google. Okay, that’s your first step. And Google has just searched as Google for privacy checkup. And it’ll go, it’ll open a page for you, it’ll tell you about what information they have about you, it’ll allow you to remove a lot of it as well. They’ve also got a security checkup and others. So that’s the simple way to do it. There’s more complex and will constantly ways to do it as well. And by the way, this article goes on for pages and pages. Yeah, but there, there are services that you can pay to remove you from pretty much everything. Now, the NSA isn’t going to remove your data, like they’re going to keep all of your phone records and everything else they’ve gathered. But basically, pretty much every site out there will remove you except for the credit reporting agencies, you know, it’s like Equifax will keep talking about No,

Unknown 9:59
no, I know that was awful. But I can understand that one. Now. Who’s are they reputable. These folks who are going to do it, Craig, if I go to them and pay them because I can understand out there are some people, maybe a woman, maybe a man who is being stalked by someone and they want they don’t want it to continue, or are they they don’t want information out there about them, I can understand that. So they go and they want to pay for this service. But how do you know they’re reputable?

Unknown 10:32
Yeah, that’s, that’s always a bit of an issue. Let me give you one or two right now that might want to look at, okay, one of them is called account killer.com. Okay. And this goes through every site there, they have little buttons right on their homepage, at account killer calm that you can click on the button. And it will give you instructions on how to get rid of your data that site so very good that it’s very helpful site for you, again, you’re going to have to do it yourself. There’s another one out there as well. That’s called the seat me d s EA t as in remove my seats, my hair dc ac.me, okay. And they have some services that you can use. So this is kind of on the other side of that allow you to now just let them help take care of it. They have a kind of a cool tool@dc.me that allows you to just sign in with your Google account or with your Microsoft account. And DC me will tell you all of the associated websites that you signed up for. Because, you know, you go to a site you see right there, sign in with your Facebook account, you click one button or your Google account or your LinkedIn account or any of these solid find them with some other account. And now you’re information is associated with even more and more and more places. And, and with this with this business, email compromise, you just got to do it. You’ve got to clean this up. Yeah, I got it. I got it. Okay. Now that makes sense. So

Unknown 12:14
I Greg and I think you’re the same. I mean, in terms of, we want our stuff to be spread out there on social media and things because, you know, that’s how we earn our living, you know, in terms of getting publicity and advertisement, but I can see people wanting that done and wanting that check. Okay, so folks, here’s what you do you text My name to this number

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855-385-5553. That’s 855-385-5553 Okay. Standard data and text rates apply you will get actually

Unknown 12:58
pretty close to the same thing that Craig Peterson sends me every week when we have our conversation and more and when there’s a big problem. You’ll hear about it from Craig and you’ll hear about what to do and he will not try to sell you anything or sell your name. Craig Awesome job. Let’s hear it for truth amongst Canadians we want to make we want verification that if you identify as Canadian that you actually are Canadian correct.

Unknown 13:32
You need to be able to be Canadian at the very least yeah I got one more quick thing Jim Oh sure. For for business people out there. There are a lot of people in business who had just like we talked about today with how do I get rid of my stuff online a lot of people in business wants to know how to protect themselves what are the attacks that are going on so Wednesday tomorrow afternoon I’m having again this is a free webinar where I’m not selling you anything this is this is to get you up to speed okay so I’m going to have three of them because it’s Cybersecurity Awareness month this month so business people can join up I’ll send you the link to the webinar and we will teach you what you need to know this is going to be about three hours maybe a little bit more over the course of the next week and we’re going to bring you up to speed all free all information it’s kind of like the stuff we talked me right here on the air Jim you and I we go into more details more of the business side of it I’ll tell you what the FBI is doing right now what they’re reporting so that you understand it and and to do that to get on it just text me a webinar or whatever in fact I’ll send out a text later today to anyone that signed up what’s you know okay

Unknown 14:54
Crawley for the small businesses are getting nailed we don’t want

Unknown 15:00
we don’t want that. By the way. That is the bread and butter of the support of the show. So we don’t want that to happen. Greg, thank you very much. We’ll talk to you next week.

Unknown 15:10
All right. Thanks. Take care. Jim. You too.

Unknown 15:12
Bye. Bye. All right. A final word when we return something that no veteran should ever have to do. You’re listening to the Jim Polito Show. Your safe space.


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