Hi. Craig Peterson here with a blink into Cryptojacking.
Has your Android phone been getting hot? I mean really hot.
Has the battery life on your smartphone all of a sudden dropped to almost nothing?
How about your desktop or laptop web browser. Is it unresponsive, or is your computer really slow?
You might have become a victim of Cryptojacking. This is a relatively new hack that the bad guys have been using to use your devices to mine Cryptocurrency for them.
You may have visited an infected website with your mobile phone, and your browser then starts the heavy computations needed to make the bad guys money. It’s using so many resources on Android phones that some of them have quite literally burned up.
They are also putting Crypto-mining software onto your desktop web browser.
Modern web browsers are more of a complete operating system than just a web browser nowadays. And its easy for a malicious web site to drop mining code right onto your device.
So, how do you get this crypto-jacking malware? It often comes in through advertising networks that are on a web site. Many times the unofficial Android and iOS stores contain Apps with Cryptojacking features built right in.
What to do? If you’ve already got Cryptojacking software on your device, you may have to wipe and reload it.
Make sure you have good ad blockers, such as uBlock Origin or Privacy Badger. And ONLY download Apps from the official App stores.

Detecting Crypto-Jacking

Businesses operation can be negatively affected by Crypto-jacking. 

Detecting the compromise of your system is quite challenging. 

Cybercriminals are masters at creating programs that can evade detection that requires vigilance on the part of those who are watching over your information technology systems. 

Decrease In Performance

A decrease in the performance of computing devices is a major symptom of crypto-jacking.

All computing hardware is susceptible.

One of the first signs of crypto-mining is system slowdown

Employees must report processing decreases to the person incharge of IT.


The resource-intensive process of crypto-jacking can cause computing devices to overheat. 

Leading to computer damage or decrease in the lifespan of your computing devices.

Overheating devices require fans to run longer in an attempt to cool down the system.

Check CPU Usage

Be sure to both monitor and analyze your CPU usage. 

Use the Activity Monitor or Task Manager to do this. 

If there’s an increase in CPU usage when users are on a website with little or no media content, it’s a sign of crypto-mining scripts running.

Monitor Websites

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for placed to embed there crypto-mining code. 

It is essential that you monitor your website for any changes to the files or webpages served there. 

Early detection can prevent loss by crypto-jacking.

Pay Attention to New Trends in Crypto-jacking

Modification of code and delivery is how Cybercriminals work to embed their cypto-jacking scripts.

Taking a pro-active approach to watching the latest trends will help you detect any attempts to crypto-jacking on your network and devices.

How to Prevent Cryptojacking: Tips and Tactics

Although it’s challenging to identify a computer compromised by crypto-jacking, you can take preventative measures to protect your systems.

Train Your IT Team

Train your employees about the signs of an attack the steps they should use to figure out what is actually happening.

Employee Education

Educate employees about the importance of notifying the person in charge of IT when their computers are having issues especially when it relates to slowness or overheating.

Educate employees about clicking on email-links that might execute crypto-jacking code and only downloading from trusted links. 

The same rule applies to any personal email on your own devices.

Use Anti-Cryptomining Extensions

Use browser extensions to block crypto-miners across the web, such as MinerBlock, No Coin, and Anti Miner.

Use Ad-Blockers

Web ads are familiar places for crypto-jacking scripts to be embedded. Using an ad-blocker can both detect and block malicious crypto-mining code.

Disable JavaScript

When browsing online, disabling JavaScript can prevent crypto-jacking code from infecting your computer. 

Keep in mind that disabling JavaScript can block some of the functions you need when browsing.

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