You’re mobile device is safer on the road/at home if you do a few things

Hi. Craig Peterson here with a blink into mobile device security.
The true cost of a lost mobile device goes far beyond the cost of replacement. Totaling up the expense of lost productivity, downtime, support, and management time, the average loss exceeds $49,000.
The first line of defense is to look after your mobile business assets:  
  1. Both Apple and Microsoft provide full-disk encryption that you can enable. If your device is lost or stolen, at least the data is secure.
  2. Keep your devices with you and in sight at all times, and never leave them in hotels, cars etc. 
  3. Secure the devices using good password hygiene and encryption.
  4. Employers need a mobile device management program for all your business-owned devices to enforce your encryption and recovery policies. 
My brother had his smartphone stolen while at a family wedding overseas. It had all of his business contacts and emails on it, but it did have a passcode and was encrypted. Using Find My iPhone we were able to recover everything before returning home.
In review:
  1. Always encrypt your mobile devices, and for that matter even your desktops
  2. Never leave mobile devices unattended
  3. Use great passwords along with a password manager
  4. To find or lock any of your mobile devices, use Find my iPhone or Find my Device for Windows when they go missing
It could save $49,000 or more.

Enable Encryption on Android Devices


  1. Go to the Apps screen, tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap the More tab.
  3. Scroll down and tap the Security icon.
  4. Tap the Encrypt Device option.
  5. Once the screen says, have your password ready, and be sure that the battery is at 80 percent or higher. It is important to set aside and hour or more when you will not require the use of your phone and to keep your device plugged-in.


Enable Encryption on iOS Devices


  • Locate the settings menu on your iPhone or iPad by selecting the settings icon.
  • Find the Touch ID & Passcode option and click it
  • Turn on Passcode and then enter a secure password
  • By instituting a secure password will automatically allow device encryption. You can verify that it is turned on by locating the text “Data Protection is Enabled” on the passcode menu
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