It Took This Public Company 1+ Months to Recover After a Ransomware Attack. How Can You Prevent This Disaster From Happening to You?

We have all heard about Ransomware and the toll it can take on businesses of all sizes. The rate of attacks has doubled in Q4, and the costs to recover have also doubled.


Our companies need to pay better attention to our security and make sure that we have numerous copies of all our data, including offsite copies. 


Frequent, Multi-generational, Verified backups are the best way to prevent data loss from a ransomware attack.


In January there was a ransomware attack that knocked out Travelex, one of the most extensive foreign currency exchange services in the world. Their handling of the initial incident response did not go well, and a month later, their disaster recovery process has started to yield results. A month and a half later!


Don’t let it happen to you.


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