Camera Prices Down – New Features Make Great Gifts

Most everyone has one of the newer, digital cameras.  In fact, almost all cell phones now-a-days have a high-resolution phone and video camera built into them.  So the question has grown — why buy a dedicated camera?

Let me start out by saying that there is only one great camera made today on planet earth.  The best camera is the one you have with you, which means that most of the time we’ll be taking pictures with that new smart phone.

But… if you know that you’re likely to be taking photos, you’re much better off with a dedicated camera.  You’ll get much better optics, better digitizing arrays and a variety of features that’ll make those photos look much better than anything you’re likely to get from your cell phone.

Here’s a good article from USA Today about some of the best deals on cameras today along with their features.  Makes me wish I was spending a few bucks on another camera this year…