The Best Flashlight I’ve Ever Seen or Used

I just found the best flashlight I’ve ever used, or even seen before.  Although its marketed to police and other emergency services by, this flashlight fits my lifestyle extremely well — and it may fit yours.  It’s got the quickest charge I’ve ever seen, the longest lifetime ever (100 years+) and is one of the more versatile and brightest flashlights I’ve ever used.

Some key features:

  • 90 seconds to full charge
  • runs for 120 minutes on a charge
  • 1/2 the weight of other flashlights I’ve used
  • lasts a lifetime – 50,000 charge/discharge cycles (you read that right!)  That’s a charge a day for 135 years!
  • powered by three extremely bright LEDs that will last for 24 years when used 40 hours per week

The 135-year lifetime claim rings some alarms with me.  Running companies and helping with marketing for hundreds of them has got me a little jaded.  Ever read “All Marketers are Liars” by Seth Godin?  Let me put it this way: This company doesn’t lie.

The flashlight is using some of the most current technologies available, including LED “bulbs” and quick-charge capacitorsin place of batteries.  This gives them the amazing charge time, the reasonable life-per-charge (about 2 hours of use) and the incredible lifetime estimates for the flashlight.

The flashlight comes with a 12 volt car adapter and you can keep it plugged in 24X7 so that it’s ready when you need it.  Remember, it’s aimed at emergency services personnel (how I could have used this flashlight when I was an EMT) — but still, I’d like to see it come with a 110VAC-based charger.  It’s easy enough, though, to keep the charger in the car where it’s meant to be used.

We’ll be giving away one of their flashlights soon, so keep an eye on our email subscribers list to find out when and where.

Speaking of marketing, the company started out providing clothing and accessories for rock climbers and took its name, 511Tactical, from that sport.  I’m also trying out a pair of pants and a shirt that are as rugged as the day is long and are even comfortable!  Just like 511Tactical’s flashlight the pants and shirt they sent along to try live up to every bit of “hype” surrounding them.

Great job guys!

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