Phone Fusion is Offering My Listeners 100 Days of Free Advanced Phone and Fax Services

For Tech Talk With Craig Peterson listeners only! PhoneFusion One is providing a complete set of phone services for our listeners. This is EVERYTHING that any business person or at-home-parent would want to stay in touch with the outside world!

Simply go to and when it’s time to buy the service enter CP100 as the discount code — only available starting July 5th, 2008. You’ll get 100 days of free phone, fax, call redirection and voicemail services and 500 minutes free per month to try everything out.

This is the type of service that you will find invaluable, and you’ll probably be willing to pay the $3.95 to $9.95 per month that the basic services offer. Even at the high end, it’s only $24.95 per month!

Here’s PhoneFusion One’s Features:

One Number 
Give friends or colleagues and customers your PhoneFusion One number with a local area code or 800 number, and PhoneFusion One will find you wherever you are. Receive your calls at any of your preprogrammed numbers instantaneously and simultaneously. You decide and control when youre available!

Find Me/Follow Me
PhoneFusion One calls multiple phones at once, allowing you to answer the call wherever you are. You can choose to accept, reject or transfer a call to another phone before you ever answer. (If you reject a call, the caller will not be able to leave a voicemail message.) Freedom at your fingertips!

Receive personalized announcements and retrieve your voicemail messages from any telephone or listen to them through your PC! You can actually screen your voicemail while messages are being left for you and pickup in the middle if you choose. You also have the option to send voicemail messages to your personal email address, allowing you to forward voicemail to anyone, anywhere!

Call Screening 
PhoneFusion One will announce all callers so you decide whether to answer, to send the caller to voicemail or to send an instant message. You choose your availability after you know who is calling. Once you send a caller to voicemail the PhoneFusion One user has the choice to listen to the caller leaving the message (without the caller hearing) and then answering the call while the person is still leaving the message to accept the call, just like on old answering machines.

Caller ID 
Get caller information sent to your pager and telephones – even those that don’t ordinarily display the caller’s number. In addition, PhoneFusion One will read you the caller’s Caller ID before you choose to accept any calls. You can also choose to only have PhoneFusion read you the name of the caller, without the number.

Call Transfer 
Once the PhoneFusion One user has a call connected, he can push ##T (or ##8) and that will let him transfer the call to any number in the world.

Speed Dialing 
Select a numeric shortcut to have PhoneFusion One dial frequently used numbers for you. Add the numbers that you call most often to your speed dial list online. Dial the shortcut number followed by the # sign and PhoneFusion will know which phone number you want to call.

Web Call Back
If you have missed a call and set your preferences to email you when you’ve missed a voicemail message, you can call the person back via the Web. There is a link in the email to dial your caller. Choose which number you would like PhoneFusion to use, and then that number will ring. Once you answer, PhoneFusion will dial the number of the caller you missed. There is no need to dig out your phonebook.

Last Number Redial – Enhanced 
You can choose to redial the number of a person who has called you, or to redial a number you called recently.

Fax to Email
PhoneFusion One will receive faxes 24/7, and can be forwarded to any fax machine or viewed on your PC as a PDF document. You can also program PhoneFusion One to notify you of a fax the same way you are notified of voicemail messages. Busy signals are now eliminated! There’s no need for a second line.

Instant Messaging 
This amazing and unmatched feature allows you to send callers a personalized instant voice message if you’re unable to take their call, rather than just sending them to voicemail. Let callers know when to call back, or give them the information they were calling to request. Save time and be more productive with PhoneFusion One!

On-Hold Music 
While PhoneFusion One locates you, your caller is entertained with music. Upload your own music on hold or choose from our selection.

Conference Calling 
Organize conference calls for an unlimited number of people. There’s no need to use an outside company! In addition, you can record the entire call, so there’s no need to take notes. Add and remove people from the conference with ease using our step-by-step instructions.

Meet Me Conference Calling 
Give out a special code to callers to allow them to dial your number and instantly be added to an “on demand” conference call.

Record Calls
Record phone calls with the touch of just a few buttons. Listen to the recorded call in three ways: as a voicemail message, through your Virtual Inbox or in an email with a .WAV file attachment.

Calling Card 
Your PhoneFusion One number is also a calling card that can be used to make calls to or from any destination in the world. With competitive low rates, PhoneFusion One keeps you constantly in touch.

Missed Call Notification 
You can choose to be notified of each and every missed call, voicemail, email or fax via phone, pager and/or email. PhoneFusion One is truly versatile.

Call Guard
Turn on Call Guard, and it will monitor your call. If you lose the connection and the caller stays on the line, PhoneFusion One will tell the caller to hold on while it tries to re-establish the call. If PhoneFusion One cannot reconnect the call, the caller will be sent to voicemail.

Web Account
Access your PhoneFusion One account from any computer, any time. Listen to your messages through your computer, read your faxes, change your account options and more.

ICN (Incoming Call Notification)
Choose to have PhoneFusion One notify you via email whenever you have an incoming call. You can also have notification sent to your cell phone if it is compatible with SMS (text) messages.

VIP Callers
These callers can bypass the PhoneFusion One chime and your Incoming Greeting to go directly to waiting for you to answer their calls. This is perfect for someone who will be calling you often and does not need to go the Call Screening process.

Virtual Receptionist
The Virtual Receptionist is a virtual PBX system that can answer your calls and play a recorded message with different options for callers, just like a regular office PBX system. For example, callers will dial your number and hear “Thank you for calling ABC Company. Dial 1 for sales, 2 for support or 0 for the operator.” Unlike a standard PBX system, there is no hardware or software to purchase and maintain, so costs start low and stay low.

Make and receive calls and pick up voicemail with PhoneFusion One’s Softphone. The Softphone is a program downloaded onto your computer that acts like a regular telephone. (We recommend using a high-quality headset with microphone when calling over your high-speed Internet connection.) Get all of the features of PhoneFusion One and talk to people right from your PC!

Add a Line
You can add another PhoneFusion One line to your account at any time – it’s easy. Just log in to your Web account to add a regular or toll-free number.

Virtual Number / Virtual 800 Number
Get a Virtual Number for people to call instead of your regular PhoneFusion One number. It forwards to your main number, but allows customers, family and friends to dial a local number instead of a long distance or a toll number.

Toll-Free Number
PhoneFusion One gives you the option to add a toll-free number to your account. You can port your current toll-free number to our system just like a regular number. Get inbound calls for only $0.049 per minute.

Local and Toll Free Number Porting
If you are moving, or want to keep that number that all of your friends, customers or business associates know, in most instances, PhoneFusion One can port your regular or toll-free number to our system. Please contact Customer Service for more information.

International Calling
PhoneFusion One gives you international calling service too. Simply call Customer Service to activate your international calling service and call anywhere in the world.

Control Center
PhoneFusion One’s Control Center is a computer telephone interface that gives subscribers complete call control directly from their desktop. Using Control Center, subscribers can see who is calling on a small caller ID box on the computer screen. With that information, the subscriber can choose to send the call to voicemail, hang up, accept the call or transfer to another number. Subscribers can also make calls by selecting a contact from the Call History or by selecting the Make a Call option. Simply provide the phone number you want to call and PhoneFusion One will initiate the call for you.

Outbound Fax
PhoneFusion One brings you outbound faxing from your PC. No need for a regular fax machine – simply send documents from your computer through your PhoneFusion One number. It’s simple to set up and easy to use. Outbound Fax also works with PhoneFusion One Call Control.

Click to Call Hyperlink 
PhoneFusion One can give you a Click to Call (CTC) hyperlink that people can click in order to call you. When someone clicks on the hyperlink, a Web page opens that asks him to enter the phone number where he wishes to be called. Once he enters his phone number, PhoneFusion One calls both parties. This hyperlink can be embedded anywhere you want like a web page or email signature.

Web Based – Make a Call
With PhoneFusion One, you can use the Make a Call feature from your Web account without ever having to dial a number. Click on the Make a Call icon in your account and type in the phone number where you wish to have PhoneFusion One call you and then type in the number you would like to call. PhoneFusion One will call you and once you answer, it will dial the number you wish to call. It’s simple!

Call Me Now
The Call Me Now feature gives you the ability to use all your PhoneFusion One Phone Administration features without ever having to dial a phone number. Simply send an email to with the phone number where you want to be called and your phone pass code and the system will call you back at the number provided.

Do Not Disturb
Set your PhoneFusion One number to ring when YOU want. You can set up your account to only ring during the day, at night or not at all. It’s up to you. Set up Do Not Disturb and your PhoneFusion One number will not ring. You’ll be free to spend time doing whatever you see fit instead of answering the phone.

International Local Dial-in Numbers
Get a local number for people to call no matter where you are in the world. Callers dial a local area code and phone number, even if you’re in another country.

Global Access 
You have access to your PhoneFusion One account from anywhere in the world. Simply dial your number and press *, and you will enter your administrative options.

Distribution Lists
Save time and send a single voicemail message to multiple people on a list or in a group. This feature can only be used with other PhoneFusion One users.

Professional Recording Available
You can have a professional recording made for your voicemail message that callers hear. Ask us for more details.

Personalized Greetings 
PhoneFusion One allows you to personalize the Incoming Greeting callers hear when they first call, as well as a personalized Voicemail Greeting once they are waiting to leave you a meeting.

No Busy Signals
With PhoneFusion One, your callers will never receive a busy signal. We can answer multiple calls at once, making sure that your callers can always get through to you.

Detailed Call Reports 
View your bill, your call details and all reporting online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Updates are posted throughout the day ensuring you timely call detail information.


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