No More Free Internet For You!

Google has been promising cities across the country free; ad-supported; basic Internet services at 500Mb/second. Fast enough stuff, but none of it is available here in New Hampshire.

Now, Google’s telling the freeloaders it’s time to pay up and is starting to charge $50 for its most basic Fiber offering in Kansas City.

Fiber service is roughly 2-5 times faster than a typical home broadband connection. And in the cities where it’s available, the high-speed offering has ignited some serious competition from old-school Internet providers. In Kansas City, Fiber sparked both AT&T and Time Warner to increase their Internet speeds and drop some of their prices to match Fiber’s.

Since the Kansas City launch, Google Fiber has also expanded to cover three other cities around the country: Atlanta, Austin, and Provo, Utah (in Austin and Provo the free basic Internet service option is still available after customers pay the installation fee). And Fiber has plans to expand into seven more cities around the country, including San Francisco.