$50K of Free Money to Entrepreneurs

Hey, the budget deficit is only in the Trillions of dollars.  Why not throw a little money to start-up engineers in the hope that it’ll spur the economy.  Too little, too late?  Not government’s job?

Starting this September at Standford University, the Innovation Corps programwill give $50k to each of 100 new “start-up” companies every year.  The members of these 3-person-minimum companies must go through an intensive entrepreneurial education class associated with the University and the money isn’t a “investment,” at least not using the normal vernacular.

The $50k/company is free money.  No stock, no payback, no obligation.

The Feds are “investing” $10 million to try and change the course of MBA programs.  Turns out that an MBA just isn’t particularly useful if you’re not looking to work for one of the Fortune-500 companies.

Best of luck to these start-ups.  Hopefully the schools can help send them in a successful direction now that they’ve got more money even though their previous education turned out to not be so useful.