Big Tech taking Advantage of Our Kids

Technology costs money.  The sooner that everyone learns this the safer we will be.  There is no way to offer technology services for free you will pay some way.  For many that cost comes through the loss of private information. It is one thing if you knowingly agree to share your information but quite another when your information gets shared without your knowledge or consent.  It turns out that the big tech company Google provides low-and no-cost hardware and software tools to our schools and to students and educators in them and they are paying for them with their private data unbeknownst to them.  The state of New Mexico is filing suit accusing Google of deliberately deceiving school districts and parents with regards to its data policies on behalf of the children in his state saying that Google’s practice violates COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.) COPPA imposes certain restrictions on the collection and use of personal data associated with children under age 13.


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