Seton Motley on So-Called Net Neutrality

The 332-page secret memo from the Whitehouse, is going to eliminate free speech and innovation from the Internet. We have the fewest numbers of C-Corp businesses in this country in 30+ years, and that’s even with the innovation sparked by a free and open
Internet. The FCC is expected to vote on Thursday to bring full 1934-era regulation to the Internet.

Over the past two decades, the Internet has flourished and revolutionized our lives precisely because it has remained free of government overregulation. Recently, however, Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) proposed new rules that could
reclassify broadband Internet as a monopoly-era plain old telephone service of decades past.

Listen to Seton Motley and Craig Discuss the Problems

Listen to Seton Motley and Craig discuss the issues and problems at