Enjoying Some Anonymity Maybe Not For Long

Worldwide in research labs engineers are working on some scarily intrusive surveillance technology tools. But what happens once these technologies have completed the design and testing process — they must be sold and used. These research engineers work for businesses, and these businesses exist to make money from these projects. While governments worldwide have or are looking to disallow the use of some types of biometric surveillance by law enforcement and private businesses. Then you have 85 groups of activists demanding a commitment from corporate giants, like  Microsoft, Amazon, and Google, to refrain from selling any facial surveillance technology to the government. The Facial surveillance technologies have exponentially progressed until they offer so much detail it is impossible to hide, and that is a game-changer. We must discuss how all these tools will be used and establish rules on their use. If this data makes it’s way unchecked into government hands, there may never be anonymity again.

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