Thank you Coronavirus – Governments Are Watching Us

Quarntines are meant to help control those who are capable of infection from interacting with the general populace.  It is not meant to curtail all economic activity of the society. With this pandemic, governments have insisted on quarantines that put a stop to 90% of the economic activity and ushering in a forced economic recession.  They were not selective quarantines. Now as we consider a gradual opening up of the economy much damage has been done that we may never recover from including the loss of some of our precious constitutional liberties.

Some of the implemented monitoring appears to be a trojan horse for our society. Initally created to assist in maintaining quarantines it now will allow government surveillience that continue to undermine our privacy for years to come.  

It is time that we consider what type and amount of surveillence and lack of privacy we are willing to put up with and what we must prevent the government from exercising.


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