CES 2016: Fizzics

Who doesn’t love an ice cold beer? While watching your favorite ball games, or just probably hanging out for a bar-b-cue picnic on weekends.

A new product introduced by Philip Petracca, CEO of Fizzics, showcased how great beer can be awesome.

Know more about Fizzics below.

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Entrepreneur and Technology Industry Executive demonstrating more than two decades of strategy, marketing, product and business development success. Comprehensive leadership abilities, spearheading daily business operations with emphasis on brand development and attainment of competitive market placement. Exceptional solutions-driven success in development, manufacturing, and technical settings.

Visionary and knowledgeable, utilizing creative and critical thinking for problem solving. Orchestrate creative, electrical, mechanical and software engineers to conceptualize and commercialize emerging technologies. Phil is the consummate beer geek with a true passion for big flavored beers and craft community that’s both experimental and experiential.

Based in Newark, NY, Fizzics is a technology company that has mastered the science of making beer taste better. Driven by the belief that beer is liquid art which deserves to be respected and consumed the way Brew-masters intended, founders Philip Petracca, Roger An and David McDonald developed Fizzics, the world’s first portable beer dispenser that is scientifically engineered using patent-pending fluid and gas technology to enhance the flavor and taste of your favorite beer.

Employing a proprietary built-in tap and patented infusion technique, Fizzics assists in head retention so every sip of beer is as good as the very first sip from an expertly poured pint, delivering beer as it is intended to be served.

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