CES 2016: Hoverboard

When Back To The Future movie was first released in 1985, it was just a dream to at least see an actual hoverboard. 30 years later, the trend is on! Different designs, features, and of price for each kind of hoverboard.

At CES, Robert Bigler, CEO of Hoverboard shared a whole new way to look at hoverboards, and why theirs stands out among those that are already in the market.

Know more about Hoverboard below.

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Robert Bigler is a designer and an engineer with a passion for automation and electric vehicles. With a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, he taught himself electronics and computer programming to develop extremely compact and flexible motion-control and automation products. After growing his first company to be a global force among multi-billion-dollar competitors, Robert and his wife sold it and created Hoverboard Technologies, in the Silicon Valley.
Making personal transportation awesome is just another day at the office. Our hope is that the Hoverboard inspires a personal electric vehicle movement and that the technology we’ve developed adds to the evolution of green energy.
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