CES 2016: Skully

Most of you who have listened to my show know that I ride motorcycles and one thing I never skimp on is what I wear on my head. You will never see me without a helmet and I found my next one here at CES2016.

I got to interview Bobby Penn, Executive Sales Director at Skully systems, about their AR-1 helmet. This helmet provides the rider with advanced situational awareness through its use of intelligent heads up display and the advanced optics and a intelligent array of cameras, sensors and microprocessors that together provide 180 degrees of awareness to the driver.

This helmet is a great advancement in rider safety and well worth checking out.

Keep listening to Craig Peterson’s Tech Talk for more on the latest technology coming out of CES 2016.

Dr. Marcus Weller’s obsession with human-centered technology and design drives the SKULLY mission. Inspired by his own motorcycle accident, Marcus set out to dramatically improve motorcycle safety by enhancing the rider’s basic sensory experiences. With a background in intelligent transportation systems, human factors engineering, and industrial psychology, Marcus pioneered the development of the SKULLY AR-1.

His lifelong passion for riding and experience working with the automotive industry informs his holistic approach to advanced situational awareness technology.

SKULLY Systems is pioneering advanced situational awareness technology for the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) industry. Founded in Silicon Valley in 2013, SKULLY’s human-centered approach to ITS has led to SKULLY AR-1, the first intelligent HUD motorcycle helmet for consumers. SKULLY Systems’ award-winning Synapse™ technology platform enhances awareness of its users by linking advanced optics to an intelligent network of cameras, sensors, and microprocessors. SKULLY Systems is a privately held company with strategic partnerships spanning the world’s leading automotive technology companies.
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