Get Rid of Land Fills and Fuel Our Cars at the Same Time

It is no secret that corn ethanol production is putting the pinch on food supplies and prices, and it might even be doing more harm than good according to recent studies. Turns out that it not only wastes water and energy but it also is producing a larger carbon footprint than the gasoline it replaces!

According to Arnold Klann, the solution to this problem is sitting in your trash can.His company, BlueFire Ethanol, is in the home stretch to breaking ground on California‘s first cellulosic ethanol plant, which will produce 3.1 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol per year from municipal solid waste.

By locating biorefineries directly in the markets with the highest demand for ethanol, BlueFire Ethanol can utilize its technology to help cities manage landfill waste while increasing biofuels supplies — solving two problems for the price of one.

BlueFire Ethanol is also one of six ethanol companies awarded funding from the U.S. Department of Energy for another planned ethanol production facility southern California which will produce approximately 17 million gallons of cellulosic ethanol per year from green waste, wood waste and other cellulosic urban wastes.

BlueFire’s use of the Arkenol Process Technology differentiates BlueFire from competitors in the cellulosic ethanol field by providing them with the ability to site anywhere (landfills, MRFs, next to biomass power plants, etc) and convert anything cellulose (from rural to urban to forest waste) into useable fuels.

Arnold R. Klann
Chairman / President / CEO

Arnold R. Klan – Biography

Thirty years of experience in corporate management, project finance, engineering, design, construction, start-up, environmental permitting, and real estate acquisition. Mr. Klann is the Chief Executive Officer for BlueFire Ethanol and Arkenol. As cofounder of both companies, he has been responsible for the successful development or acquisition of over 610 megawatts of natural gas-fired cogeneration facilities, and been the driving force behind the research and development effort leading to the commercialization of the Arkenol technology.

Prior to founding ARK Energy, he successfully launched three businesses and managed complex teams for project development and operation. Areas of technical expertise include cogeneration development using natural gas-fired and solid fuels technologies, ocean thermal energy conversion, and offshore oil exploration design and operations.

As Vice President of Engineering and Product Development for GWF Power Systems Company, led technical commercialization, development and permitting activities for eight petroleum coke and coal-fired power plants. Specializes in frontier technology development. A.A. (electrical engineering) 1972, Lakeland College.

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