Can fasting add years to your life in addition to helping you lose weight?

Did you know that Craig and his wife (Karen) have been using Intermittent Fasting for almost three years now? It has done wonders for our health, and now the rest of the world is taking notice. 

Researchers at John Hopkins University found that diets that involve intermittent fasting may add years to your life. Studies have linked fasting to improved metabolism, decreased blood pressure, and improved control of blood sugar levels.

A study recently published in NEJM reveals that fasting induces what is known as “metabolic switching” and creates an evolutionary adaption. It happens when there are repeating cycles of a metabolic challenge that induces ketosis, followed by a recovery period, which appears to optimize brain function, cognition and mood, and resilience throughout the lifespan. But it does more than that, fasting decreases blood pressure, cholesterol, and resting heart rates. It may also support the control of blood sugar levels, increase resistance to stress, and suppress inflammation.

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