Gift Giving and Northeast Delta Dental

Looking for Christmas Gifts? We’ve got a gift giving expert on the show today, and a CEO/Author whose book can help you build your business or become a better manager.

Thomas Raffio is President and CEO of Northeast Delta Dental. He has been able to grow the organization to the point where they’re providing dental coverage for more than 770,000 people throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.

His latest book, “There Are No Do-Overs: The Big Red Factors for Sustaining a Business Long-Term” goes into some of the management strategies used at Delta Dental and also ties it into professional sports coaching and life. A great book that I’ve already dog-eared (Ok, so I Kindle-eared it ? Anyone in management, from Entrepreneurs to the mail room and call cKatie_Linendollenter, will find this book a useful and quick read.

Katie Linendoll’s 2014 Gift Guide can be found right here. You can visit her web site to keep up-to-date on all kinds of technology and gifts here.