High Blood Pressure Control Without Medications – Risk-Free

Guy F. Pugh, MD the Medical Director, Primary Care at the Marino Center for Progressive Health, Cambridge, Mass. joins Craig to discuss a safe, non-drug treatment option for high blood pressure called RespeRate.

More than 65 million Americans have high blood pressure. Unfortunately, even with the traditional treatment methods of diet, exercise and medication, 70 percent of that population is unable to reach their lower blood pressure goals or can’t tolerate the side effects of medications. Leaving high blood pressure untreated can be dangerous and may lead to heart attack, stroke and kidney and heart failure.

There are alternative treatments available that can be used in conjunction with medication or other lifestyle modifications to treat this common, yet serious condition.

RESPeRATE is a personal therapeutic device that is FDA-cleared for over the counter sale and guides patients through a series of paced-breathing exercises. RESPeRATE is a safe, non-drug, clinically proven treatment option for those who have high blood pressure. The device guides patients through a series of paced-breathing exercises proven to reduce hypertension.


RESPeRATE’s breathing sensor automatically analyzes an individual breathing pattern and creates a personalized melody composed of two distinct inhale and exhale guiding tones. Users listen to the melody through the headphones, and the body’s natural tendency to follow external rhythms will enable the user to easily synchronize his or her breathing to the tones. By gradually prolonging the exhalation tone to slow the user’s breathing, RESPeRATE leads the user to the therapeutic zone of less than 10 breaths per minute. Within a few minutes, the muscles surrounding the small blood vessels in the body relax, blood flows more freely, and blood pressure is significantly reduced.

RESPeRATE provides physicians with another option for their patients besides just increasing medication dosages or adding additional prescription medications to reduce high blood pressure.

As shown in seven clinical trials, RESPeRATE can lower blood pressure by up to 36 points systolic and 20 points diastolic, with average reductions of 14/8 points. On average, patients start to see significant results in 4-6 weeks, and the reductions are proven to last with continued use of the device.

RESPeRATE is available without a prescription.

The RESPeRATE device consists of a computerized control unit, about the size of a portable CD player, which is connected to a sensor that fastens around the patient’s abdomen, as well as a set of headphones. The RESPeRATE sensor analyzes the breathing rate and pattern of the user, then creates a personalized melody composed of two distinct tones: a high tone for inhalation and a low tone for exhalation. Using the body’s natural tendency to follow external rhythms, RESPeRATE gradually slows the user’s breathing rate to a “therapeutic zone” of less than 10 breaths per minute. Within a few minutes, the muscles surrounding the small blood vessels in the body relax and constricted blood vessels open up allowing blood to flow more freely-ultimately yielding a significant and lasting reduction of blood pressure.

Patients who use RESPeRATE for 15 minutes a day three to four times a week should see their blood pressure drop within eight weeks of use. Clinical studies have proven that RESPeRATE lowers high blood pressure by 14/8 points on average, with the top 10 percent experiencing a reduction of 36/20 points.

Proven To Lower Blood Pressure In 7 Clinical Studies

High blood pressure treatment options are not confined to blood pressure medications. Natural remedies for high blood pressure can be safe and effective. RESPeRATE’s ability to generate a significant and sustained reduction in blood pressure was substantiated in 7 separate clinical studies published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

  • The studies compared those who used RESPeRATE for 15 minutes a day for 8 weeks to a “control” group, using a walkman with relaxing music1, a home blood pressure monitoring 4,5 or both 2
  • Clinical studies design included four double-blind and randomized1,2,5,8, one controlled and randomized4, and two open-label studies3,6
  • There were 286 participants, average age of 58
  • 78% of participants were already taking blood pressure medications, a third of whom were taking more then 3 medications.
  • Average initial office blood pressure of 150/90 mmHg despite using diet, exercise and/or medications.

An Important Addition to Your Blood Pressure Regimen

If you’re trying to lower your blood pressure with diet, exercise, and even medication, RESPeRATE can be an important addition. In seven clinical trials, RESPeRATE was found to be safe and effective for people from borderline to severe high blood pressure, some of whom were taking medications and some of whom were not.

RESPeRATE has been proven to be an effective high blood pressure treatment even when medications are not. A study published in the American Journal of Hypertension found that RESPeRATE significantly reduced uncontrollable blood pressure, even when three or more medications were taken at maximum dosage.

About Dr. Pugh

Dr. Guy F. Pugh recieved his BA from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT in 1979; His MS from Indiana University, Bloomington, IN in 1981 and his MD from Harvard in 1990. He did his residency in Internal Medicine at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA from 1990-1991 and an Internship at Mount Auburn Hospital from 1994 to 1996.

Professional Associations:
American Medical Association; Massachusetts Medical Society; American College for Advancement of Medicine
Academic Appointment:
Clinical Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School
Board Certification/Licensure:
American Board of Internal Medicine/Massachusetts

The Marino Center for Progressive Health

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