Live to Be 100 Years Old – And Enjoy Being Healthy!

Dr. Eric Plasker, D.C. and author of The 100-Year Lifestyle: Dr. Plasker’s Breakthrough Solution for Living Your Best Life-Every Day of Your Life joins Craig to discuss a total-life plan for increasing both the quality and quantity of years. They will discuss how to survive and thrive right into their second century with a comprehensive plan for improving and sustaining your health nurturing your relationships and fostering financial growth.

Science tells us that we’re already hard-wired to live to 100 and beyond.

There is no reason to fear living to 100 years of age or beyond.

There is no reason to think that you will be a burden to your children as you age.

You can set longevity goals for yourself and achieve them — How long do you want to live a happy and productive life — 75, 85, 95 or beyond.

Keeping your weight in check helps you age correctly — There aren’t obese centenarians!

Will their be enough — Yes their is always enough of whatever you need — it all depends on your mindset!

Increased life expectancy is affecting the U.S. economy every day as older entrepreneurs enter the global marketplace

Retirement is for the lazy and an outdated concept that has no place in todays society – Today many senior citizens are delaying retirement, going back to college, and starting new businesses.

If you knew you were going to live to be 100, how would you change your life this year? The bottom line is, today’s centenarians make up one of the world’s fastest growing segments of the population-but they got there by accident. Blindsided by their unanticipated longevity, they suffer a myriad physical, financial, emotional and spiritual ills. Luckily, the rest of us are getting advance notice that our parents and grandparents never received.

Based on Dr. Plasker’s bestselling wellness system, this revolutionary book reveals the secret to making the most of your extended lifespan. A unique, total-life program for balancing diet, nutrition, exercise, mental agility, creativity, finances, friends and family, work, community, and achieving a sense of purpose, The 100 Year Lifestyle offers the mindset, tools, and strategies to enjoy the highest quality of life as you age in years-without aging in body and mind.

Dr. Plasker inspires his patients and the public alike to realize “a long life, well lived.” A graduate of Life Chiropractic College and former owner of two highly successful family practices, Dr. Plasker is the founder of the Council on Family Wellness for the World Chiropractic Alliance. Featured on the Discovery Channel’s Forever Young and Connecting with Kids television network, he’s shared the stage with such luminaries as Dr. Barbara De Angelis, Dr. Wayne Dyer, and Dr. Andrew Weil. He’s sold more than half a million copies of his health and wellness guides, audiotapes, CDs, DVDs, and related material, which have been translated and distributed in more than fourteen countries. In just five years, Dr. Plasker’s wellness messages and products have reached nearly one million people around the world through second hand distribution by doctors. See for more information.

About Dr. Plasker

Dr. Eric Plasker is a native of New York where at the age of 15 he had his first life-changing chiropractic experience. The chiropractic care and education he received from his “family chiropractor”, Dr. Ernie Landi, not only inspired him to enroll in Life Chiropractic College, where he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1985, but helped shape his personal and company visions of making chiropractic family practice and LCFE (Lifetime Care for Everyone) a reality in communities across the world.

Dr. Eric Plasker – ran two highly successful practices in Georgia for 16 years before launching The Family Practice, Inc., a mission-driven training, coaching and turnkey implementation program that is helping chiropractors around the world unite to lead family healthcare.

During the years before founding The Family Practice,Inc., Dr. Plasker served as an active team teacher for Quest Alliance and the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance. He was a frequent instructor and teacher in patient management at his alma mater and served as the Vice President and President of the Life College Gonstead Club where he taught chiropractic techniques and practice management.

Dr. Plasker currently travels all over the world with The Family Practice Seminars where he provides all the tools and training (office, communication, referral, marketing, and financial systems) to help chiropractors build the family practices of their dreams.

He created and designed the best-selling patient education programs: Chiropractic Mother’s Morning Out™, the Human Potential Program™, and the Lifetime Care Referral System. He is also a team teacher for The Parker Seminars on family practice excellence.

Dr. Plasker and the LCfE grass roots movement are making a major impact on the world and with chiropractors of every technique and political persuasion. His unique style of instruction and promotion of contemporary chiropractic principles (in conjunction with the family practice and LCfE visions) speaks volumes to both patients and chiropractors in a way that touches the heart and inspires people to action.

What others are saying:

“Dr. Plasker has committed many years to developing health and wellness programs for communities around the country. His book reflects this same commitment and will help you improve the quality of your life.” –Stedman Graham, Founder of Athletes Against Drugs

“If you want to live the long, healthy, quality life you deserve, you must read my friend Dr. Eric’s new book.” –Mark Victor Hansen, Best Selling Author, Chicken Soup for the Soul and Make the Rest of Your Life, The Best of Your Life

“Dr. Plasker’s innovative 100-Year Lifestyle Fitness Assessment on getting your ESS in Shape, your endurance, strength and structure, will help you add years to your life and quality of life to your years.” –Scott Goudeseune, President, American Council on Exercise


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