Diets Always Fail — How to Make Yours Work!

As the founder of one of the largest cardiology practices in Florida, Dr. Steven Schnur saw many of his patients hop from one fad diet to another – and fail every time, while putting themselves at risk for health-threatening side effects like heart disease and the direct link between our nation’s number one killer – heart disease – and obesity is a REAL reason to change the way we eat. While he says there is no magic bullet for losing weight – there is a foolproof solution. To help combat the rise of heart disease he created THE REALITY DIET.

Designed for real people living in the real world, THE REALITY DIET allows people to enjoy the foods they love (carbs!), including pasta, waffles, rice, potatoes, bananas—even chocolate and wine. According to Dr. Schnur, “The Reality Diet’s one key fat-fighting ingredient, FIBER, is the single best predictor of success when it comes to weight loss. Fiber curbs hunger and significantly reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.” The Reality Diet outlines Dr. Schnur’s 2:90 rule, which states that for every 90 calories of food there should be at least two grams of fiber.

He will discuss why is fiber so important in weight loss and health and why low carb diets do not work. He will discuss why any quick fix solutions do not work and why even though there are thousands of diets our obesity rates continue to increase.

He will also address the role of exercise in weight loss and the role of diet pills in weight loss and which ways we can help our children avoid becoming overweight.

“Since our book was released last year, thousands of people got a dose of reality,” said Dr. Schnur. “Following our menu plans, they lost weight by eating healthy, tasty food that filled them up, but more importantly, cut down their chances of a heart attack or stroke.” Schnur went on to say, “If dieting were easy, we would be a nation of supermodels, but in reality, we’re a nation that’s 60 percent obese.”

About the Author:
Steven A. Schnur, M.D. is a board-certified internist and cardiologist and the founder of South Florida Cardiology Associates (, the largest cardiology practice in South Florida, with 12 locations and 18 physicians. He received a fellowship in cardiology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, where he was chief medical resident. Dr. Schnur is President of HPS Consulting and counsels medical practices about patient management. His research has appeared in such publications as The American Heart Journal and he is a frequent speaker at professional conferences. He lives in Miami with his wife and two children.

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