Drink BPA free drinks on CamelBak water bottles

Discard your temporary P.E.T. bottles and use CamelBak reusable water bottles. Now you can drink safe and pure water with CamelBak.

CamelBak was the first water-bottle company to remove BPA*** from all its water bottles, offering consumers a worry-free option in plastic water bottles. This will help people stay healthy by allowing them a convenient way to consume plenty of water.

It is important to have adequate hydration during summer and during strenuous activities; the typical CamelBak user is attuned to this and the company seeks to meet their needs.

CamelBak will continue to focus on delivering the most innovative hydration products. Until last year, polycarbonate, of which BPA is an ingredient, was included in all CamelBak bottles. CamelBak opted to eliminate polycarbonate from its bottles in response to customer demand for BPA-free products, and as of April 2008 all of CamelBak water bottle products have been made BPA-free. CamelBak’s customers appreciate how the company anticipates their needs and respond quickly.

Reusable bottles are environmentally preferable to temporary plastic bottles. Temporary or disposable plastic water bottles (PET plastics) fill up landfills. CamelBak’s ‘Choose to Reuse’ program highlights this.

Here are some tips on Hydration. For more detailed information, access Hydration 101.

  1. Drink early and often
  2. Freeze some water in your reservoir
  3. Keep the water out of your drinking tube
  4. Replace your electrolytes
  5. Recognize the symptoms of heat illness and get out of the sun
  6. Always keep water with you to all day events

Also mentioned below are some guidelines for easy cleaning and maintaining CamelBak bottles. This will keep it germ free and can use any number of time.

  1. Fill reservoir with warm water and mild soap.
  2. Clean with Reservoir Brush and Delivery Tube Brush.
  3. Re-fill reservoir with 1 litre of water.
  4. Add one cleaning tabler.
  5. Shake reservoir until tablet is dissolved.
  6. Let stand 5 minutes
  7. Remove water from reservoir
  8. Rinse reservoir thoroughly
  9. Re-fill for drinking or dry completely before storage

By following these above disinfecting guidelines you can reduce common micro organisms and build up over 99.99%. In an emergency, you can also add a table spoon of bleach after Step 3. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.

To know more about CamelBak products, click here.

***Polycarbonate contains a manmade chemical called bisphenol A (BPA), which leaches from the plastic at levels dramatically higher than previously thought. The chemical has been linked to breast and prostrate cancer, brain damage, and disruptions of the endocrine system. While there have been worries over BPA in water bottles for years, the evidence is now clear and compelling: You should ditch your polycarbonate bottles and use something free of BPA, such as stainless steel or a new, BPA-safe plastic called Tritan.

Dave Carr
Global Category Manager
CamelBak Products LLC

Dave Carr – A biography

Dave Carr is the Product Manager for the Bottle Category at CamelBak. He has been with the company for 3 years. Prior to holding this position, Dave was a senior engineer at CamelBak whose focus was on the full line of hydration products, including bottles and reservoirs. Dave comes from a previous position at San Diego-based Sola International Inc., a company that designs, manufactures and distributes a broad range of high-performance spectacle lenses.

Dave is a 1991 graduate of the Yale University School of Engineering and Applied Science, and lives in Napa, California. with his wife and daughter.

About CamelBak:

CamelBak has spent over a decade helping people to maximize their performance, comfort, and health by providing the highest quality drink delivery systems available. Originator of the hands-free hydration category, we focus on technically innovative, high-performance systems that fit your active lifestyle.

CamelBak is the originator and world leader in hands-free hydration system. The first CamelBak products proved to be very popular among mountain bikers and motocross riders, because it allowed them to drink without taking their hands off of the handlebars in technical terrain. The product began to cross over into other sports when scientific studies showed athletes drank more fluids and performed better when they were a CamelBak.

Since then, athletes from an ever-growing list of sports and activities use CamelBak hydration systems for their convenience and performance benefits. In addition to cycling, CamelBak has Hands-Free Hydration Systems for hiking, running, snowboarding and skiing. CamelBak’s state-of-the-art packs and hydration systems have benefited athletes, outdoors men and soldiers around the world.

While CamelBak has grown tremendously since the early days, one thing hasn’t changed. CamelBak still believes in the performance advantage that proper hydration delivers for just about any activity.

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