Health is Not About Diet — It’s a Lifestyle!

Ashley Koff is a registered dietitian in private practice and on staff at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles joins Craig to discuss the effectiveness of dieting and the difference between dieting and establishing a healthy lifestyle.

She suggests making healthy “xchanges” to create positive life benefits. Technology has provided us with online tools that help you record your caloric and food intake (just to keep you honest) and as well as online support groups that can help you through the tough times. There are fancy digital pedometers and heart rate monitors that enable you to track your steps and your level of cardiac fitness.

What is the down side to technology — the internet’s massive amount information much of which is erronous and leads to poor health/diet decision making.

Ashley’s website:

Welcome to the healthXchange

From Personalized Nutrition Plans to Grocery Store Tours, we provide the services you need to stay healthy… for both children and adults!

We have the background and experience to make us the best choice for your nutritional needs.

Ashley’s Bio:

Ashley Koff is a registered dietitian in private practice and on staff at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. The daughter of a surgeon, Koff saw early on the pros and cons of today’s medical world. Her interest in preventive healthcare grew from learning to develop and personalize her own health regime as well as with her involvement in the media. Koff worked in advertising for a global food company for whom the research led her to travel and meet with consumers all over the country and abroad. Koff learned what people needed and wanted nutritionally and how food products available in the U.S., at that time, were not meeting those needs. She realized her efforts would be best utilized helping people to understand and make food choices that would optimize their health as well as satisfy their personal preferences.
She was educated at Duke and New York Universities and trained at LA+USC and Columbus Children’s hospitals. Passionate about the beneficial role of nutrients, herbs, and healing therapies utilized around the world, Koff supplemented her traditional dietetic education with training in these areas. Always one to be on top of current trends in medicine, health and wellness, Koff has completed integrative medicine coursework for certification as a certified clinical nutritionist (CCN). Her continuing education also includes on-line courses such as the Program in Integrative Medicine (Univ. of Arizona) and the Institute for Functional Medicine.

It is Koff’s unique blending of nutrition and integrative medicine as well as her in-depth knowledge of supplements, herbs, and health modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Macrobiotics, and Ayurveda, that make her sought after as a consultant and speaker. In fact, so impressive is her expertise that integrative medicine gurus like Dr. Andrew Weil’s Program in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona (PIM), Dr. Soram Singh Khalsa, and the doctors at the world renown Tao of Wellness in Santa Monica, all utilize her services with their patients. As the dietician consultant for PIM (Dr. Andrew Weil’s Program), Koff sees referrals, and teaches their medical fellows “All you need to know about nutrition but didn’t learn in medical school.” She’s also written an online education module for healthcare practitioners as part of their Nutrition Approaches to Optimal Health series.

In 2002, Koff founded the healthXchange (, nutrition counseling and consulting company. She is the author of Recipes for IBS (Fair Winds Press), a cookbook and treatment plan for digestive wellness was released in February 2007. Recipes for IBS was purchased by several pharmaceutical companies to provide to their gastroenterologists additional instruction to improve the effectiveness of drug therapy.

In addition, Koff has shared her nutritional expertise on CNN, Entertainment Tonight, The Tyra Banks Show, MY13, FitTV’s The Ultimate Goal, and in magazines such as Allure, Cooking Light, Healing Lifestyles & Spas, In Style, In Touch Weekly, Shape, Teen Vogue, Yogi Times, and Weight Watchers. She is a regular contributor to and and was ranked by City Search ( as the Best of LA’s nutritionists/dietitians two years in a row (2005, 2006).

Koff loves to travel and connect with people in different places. She is fervent about health being attainable and sustainable for all demographics. Her clients love her for her joy of life, her sense of humor, and her deep caring for their well-being. It is no surprise that this charismatic woman has an A-List Hollywood clientele and is currently in development discussion for her own television show.

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