ObamaCare’s Security Disaster

When ObamaCare is launched October 1st, none of the systems that run the State-run Healthcare Exchanges will have been tested.  None of them. No testing.  Did you get that?  What could possibly go wrong? We’ll be facing inevitable crashes, delays and frustration — but that’s not the worst of it.

The ObamaCare computer systems have not had any security testing.  That’s right. None of the systems that will hold all of our health information, along with all of our personal financial data, will have been tested.  It turns out that the highly trained exchange employees may not be top-of-the-stack employees, either.

Today’s triumph of government data security comes from the Minnesota health care exchange, where a highly trained employee accidentally emailed 2,400 Social Security numbers – on an unsecured Microsoft Excel spreadsheet – to an insurance broker who was applying to become a member of the vast army of ObamaCare “navigators” we’ll need to make sense of the flaming bag of bureaucratic excrement our health care system has become.

But don’t worry, because as the Minneapolis Star-Tribune assures us, it was all just a silly mistake, and the ObamaCare crew called the broker right away “walked him and his assistant through a process of deleting the file from their hard drives.”

The response to a massive breach of data integrity, which put the security of 2,400 Americans at risk, was to call the guy on the phone and walk him through the highly complicated procedure for deleting a computer file.  And that’s with a “good guy.”  How about the millions of records that will inevitably find their way into hands who won’t be willing to delete them from their systems?

An IT expert quoted by the Star-Tribune urged “caution in pushing the federal hub online before it has been thoroughly tested.”  The people in charge of this disaster cannot possibly afford to hit the launch date without a massive number of Americans crammed into the passenger cars of the ObamaCare train wreck.    There are reports that they’re trying to stagger enrollment to keep the entire system from crashing the minute it goes live in October, but they can’t afford to admit that the entire thing is insecure and unready.

Uggh… Maybe it’s time to read the bill?