Bosch Appliances Top in Energy Star

Bosch is an industry leader in developing energy efficient appliances with advanced features that provide convenience and flexibility for its customers. They participate in the Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR® program and are now the only manufacturer offering entire lines of ENERGY STAR® qualified products in the refrigeration, dishwasher and clothes washers categories.

What can Bosch offer you —


Bosch is known worldwide for setting industry standards in quietness and energy and water efficiency, with their Evolution™ and Integra® dishwasher you can now see why is it is the category leader.

Consumers now have more control over their energy consumption with the addition of the exclusive ECOOPTION which now allows consumers to save even more energy and money.

Evolution™ and Integra® dishwashers offer a variety of streamlined options clearly structured into three classes – the 300, 500 and 800 Series – giving consumers a myriad of choices in selecting the model best suited for their lifestyles.

Can I be green and clean?

As the only manufacturer with entire product lines of ENERGY STAR qualified refrigeration, laundry and dishwashers, Bosch offers several “green” options on its new dishwasher line-up:

  • The ECOOPTION on selected 500 and 800 Series model makes being energy efficient to the next level by reducing energy consumption by up to 25% – with just the simple push of a button.
  • Joining this advancement, is the new ECOSENSE™ Wash Management System, which examines the soil level in the water via an infrared light beam and customizes the wash cycle accordingly.
  • The Quick Wash™ program (500 and 800 Series) offers an abbreviated, energy-conscious 30 minute option for smaller loads or less soiled dishes.
  • These systems, along with other efficiency advancements, seemlessly ensure that Bosch dishwashers will use as little as 1.8 gallons of water per cycle while guaranteeing an ideal wash cycle.

But my favorite is the NEXXT® LAUNDRY (Which I bought for my Wife and she loves!!)

Bosch’s expanded Nexxt Laundry lineup also features the new ECOOPTION button on its two additional model series, both of which offer even more advanced features than our previous models. However, All ENERGY STAR® qualified Nexxt washers, continue to be high-efficiency champions and can wash a full load with as little as 10.6 gallons of water.

The advanced ECOOPTION program which is available in the new 500 plus and 800 Series washers, is a program that decreases the temperature and amount of energy used during the wash cycle by up to 20%, without affecting any of cleaning results. All you have to do is Ssimply push the Nexxt washer’s green-colored “e” button to take advantage of this new program.

Another added feature available in both the 500 plus and 800 Series, is the new “Jeans” program, which is specifically designed to care for denim utilizing cold water to prevent fading and a specialized spin cycle to avoid creases.

With the 800 Series you get the additional “Comforter” program, which thoroughly soaks and cleans a comforter, without causing damage to them. The 800 Series also debuts a new style with a silver colored door and a white body unit, while the 500 plus will be available both in silver and white color choices.

Every Nexxt laundry product run so quietly that they can be installed anywhere in the home, including near bedrooms. They also deliver superior cleaning performance while working extra hard to protect the life of your garments.

Paul Shaffer

Paul Shaffer is the Marketing Manager for New England Region of BSH Home Appliances Corporation. They manufacture premium appliance brands including, Bosch, Thermador, Siemens, and Gaggenau.


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