Cooking Gets Easier and Safer — New Technology Even Saves Money!

From gourmet pizza ovens through new ultra-efficient cook tops, Thermador has been empowering cooking enthusiasts with revolutionary products. From the first built-in wall ovens to gas cooktops with the patented Star® Burner, Thermador remains An American Icon™ in the appliance industry and continues to help consumers cook in style. Today, Thermador continues to break ground by pioneering the ultimate in high performance, luxury appliances that allow designers, builders and consumers to create the ultimate custom kitchen.

What is New with Thermador —


The new Masterpiece™ and Professional Series wall ovens have a bold, chiseled design and high-performance features that draw upon Thermador’s considerable expertise as the inventor of the world’s first built-in wall oven.

Both oven lines offer the new Speed Convection mode, which reduces cooking time by up to 30% and is perfect for the quick, efficient preparation of frozen foods such as gourmet pizza or previously prepared casseroles—without preheating.

The exclusive lightning fast preheat offers valuable time savings because it takes less than 7 minutes to reach 325 °F in True Convection™—an industry best.

The exclusive self-cleaning cycle completely cleans the entire oven cavity and rack supports in 2 hours—half the time of comparable models.

Masterpiece Series:

The Masterpiece Series ovens have angular edges and a contemporary design.

The convenient EasyCook™ function uses 20 pre-programmed recipes to assist with convection cooking by automatically setting the correct temperature and cooking time. Consumers can also save their four favorite recipes for easy access.

Thermador’s exclusive CookSmart™ technology (Masterpiece DM only) combines microwave and convection heating to cut down on cooking times by up to 50%.

Professional Series:

The robust Professional Series ovens feature a professional-style design with stainless steel knobs; an elegant chronometer; and restaurant-style controls.

Unique performance capabilities include a commercial grade, dishwasher-safe rotisserie. With two handles for easy lifting, it is the largest rotisserie on the market, and easily and evenly roasts large meats such as Thanksgiving turkeys up to 12 pounds while sealing in all the sumptuous flavors.

The 5,000 watt Max Broil™ element—the most powerful in the industry—provides rapid, even heat to perfectly broil a variety of meats.


The Professional Series appliances have been redesigned to match the new all-American wall oven style. Elements of the redesigned line include:

  • The Pro Harmony and Pro Cooktops provide a new profile that artfully blends into the control panel
  • The Pro Harmony had an angled door handle for a more robust look
  • The Pro Harmony, Pro Grand and Pro Cooktops come with standard durable stainless steel knobs
  • The Pro Harmony, Pro Grand and Pro Cooktops are equipped with a full-size grill

How is Thermador changing the face of Kitchen Refrigeration?

With Thermador’s Freedom Collection comes the industry’s first fully integrated, Truly Flush Mounted™ modular refrigeration columns that can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.

Models include:

  • 14 cubic feet of interior refrigerator space with 24” and 30” Fresh Food Columns
  • 10 cubic feet of interior freezer space with 18”, 24” and 30” Freezer Columns, including 18” and 24” external dispensers
  • Our 36″ freezer has a fully integrated Bottom-Freezer Column with 2- or 3-doors (72” also available with two 2-door models side-by-side)
  • 18” and 24” Wine Columns

The Freedom Collection offers Full Flexibility™ to consumers so they no longer have to be constrained by having to design their kitchen around a cumbersome refrigerator-freezer combination.

Although the Freedom columns are flush mounted to kitchen cabinetry, the Freedom HingeTM allows the doors to open up to 115 degrees, providing complete access to the interior and full extension drawers. The hinge can also support any custom panel up to 220 pounds (total door weight) to integrate seamlessly with any kitchen cabinetry.

The fresh food column’s exclusive motorized Liberty ShelfTM conveniently moves a fully loaded shelf – up to 22 pounds – with the simple touch of a button.

Paul Shaffer

Paul Shaffer is the Marketing Manager for NE Region of BSH Home Appliances Corporation. BSH Home Appliances Corporation manufactures premium appliance brands that include Bosch, Thermador, Siemens, and Gaggenau.


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