Fortune Magazine Lists Viking Appliances Popularity Just Behind iPod!

The appliance industry has changed dramatically in that time with a lot more interest in professional cooking for the home. Viking gives every customer the opportunity to cook like a chef in their own home.

Viking, in recent years, has expanded their experience throughout the kitchen giving the customer everything they need in the kitchen from cooking, to clean up, ventilation, and refrigeration. The new big experience is taking the cooking OUTDOORS. This has been an amazing opportunity to experience all the conveniences of entertaining outside. We have everything from the BBQ’s, to warming drawers, to refrigeration, wall ovens, and even vents for three season rooms.

So what’s new —

Induction cooking: It’s fast, much more efficient, and safer than other methods of cooking previously available. It is currently available in cooktops and rangetops. Soon to be out in ranges.

Convection cooking: Allows temperatures to be evenly distributed within the oven to maximize the cooking capacity with the most even results. With Viking you get the largest capacity oven currently available.

Built In refrigeration: Maximizing storage for all of you food needs. Viking has 5 different zones in the refrigerator alone with true temp and humidity to control to keep all types of food fresh.

Ranges: What Viking is been known for! Viking has the best controls that go from what we call VariSimmer to high output burners they deliver it all. A recent calculation showed that Viking provides more configurations than any other brand out there.

Viking has recently introduced an Affordable Viking Kitchen. With a new freestanding refrigerator, a 30” range, a microwave/hood, and a dishwasher for under $9000 dollars. This means that everyone can have a Viking kitchen.

Viking Outdoor Kitchen… along with the grill and every convenience for entertaining you can think of, they have also introduced outdoor cabinetry to quickly put together all the convenient storage needed for a true outdoor kitchen.

“Design Integrity” is the term being used to describe the Viking experience. Our customers are able to get everything they need for the kitchen with one look, same finishes, same handles, same logos. The customer no longer has to have several brands and finishes to get a top quality appliance.

Viking is currently available in 14 different finishes including a brass trim option. Colors like Burgundy, Mint Julep, Lemonade, and Cobalt Blue to name a few. Some customers are looking to personalize their kitchen and have had stainless. This is a growing trend with increases in sales each year. Viking will soon add 10 new finishes to give more opportunities for that original kitchen.

Fortune Magazine did a survey recently on 2500 brands with consumers and recognized the top 10 breakaway brands that were connecting with consumers. Viking was number 2 just below Ipod!

Viking is always looking to offer the latest so here is a sneak peak at some new items coming soon:

  • Steam/convection ovens: Which will allow for healthy and more nutritious cooking
  • High Speed Ovens : These ovens cook 80% faster than a conventional ovens. This is a simple to use and fast way to cook much of your major meals. With a 100 preprogrammed receipes, roasting, grilling, and microwave options, this is sure to be a good addition to any kitchen
  • Refrigerator drawers: drawers that pull out and are mounted under the counter to be placed in convenient locations. You will now have the ability to have a refrigerator where it is most convenient.
  • More induction cooking
  • More integrated products – by putting panels on many of the products they can blend seamlessly in with the kitchen cabinetry

Don Chamberlain the Regional Sales Manager for Delia Inc.
Delia Inc. is the distributor for Viking Range Corp. in New England and New York Headquartered in Connecticut with showrooms in CT, NY, and MA. He has been representing Viking products for 8 years.


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