Quartz Beats Granite for Countertops

Discover the warmth and richness that can only be found in natural quartz surfaces – where elegance and beauty meet function and lasting durability. From kitchen countertops and fireplace surrounds to bathroom vanities and tub and shower surrounds, Cambria offers a variety of products that add lasting value to your home. With an endless palette of dazzling colors showcasing the depth and character of natural quartz, you’ll see why more and more homeowners are asking for Cambria by name.

If you’re considering granite or other stone surfaces for your kitchen or bath, you have to take a closer look at the benefits of a Cambria natural quartz surface.

  • Strength & Durability– Cambria has performed numerous laboratory tests to prove that Cambria natural quartz surfaces are twice as strong as granite. It’s a surface that is truly everlasting.
  • Maintenance Free – No sealing, polishing or reconditioning is needed. Simply wash with warm water. It’s that simple. Plus, unlike granite, Cambria will resist stains from fruit juices, food coloring, coffee, tea, wine, grape juice, nail polish and felt tip markers.
  • Food Safe – Unlike granite, Cambria has been certified by NSF International for use as a food preparation surface. Cambria is totally non-porous, making cleanup easy and preventing food and moisture from penetrating its surface — the main source of growth for harmful bacteria.
  • All Natural – Cambria is created from pure natural quartz, an extremely hard stone crystal mined directly from the earth. In fact, quartz is the hardest non-precious stone that can be found in the earth’s surface.
  • Everlasting Value – With its beauty and performance advantages over granite, a Cambria kitchen countertop or bathroom vanity will add value to your home.
  • Guaranteed – As the only producer of quartz surfaces in the United States, Cambria is covered by a 10-year limited warranty.

Cambria is the perfect way to add rich, warm color to any room in your home. Cambria counters provide warmth, beauty, strength and durability that can only be found in natural quartz. Because Cambria surfaces are so versatile, they can be used almost anywhere you need a beautiful surface with lasting durability.

Cambria’s natural stone surfaces are perfect for kitchen countertops because Cambria is stronger than granite and, unlike granite, Cambria is non-porous, making it one of the safest surfaces for food preparation available. In fact, it’s certified by the NSF International the same as a stainless steel countertop. Plus, it’s maintenance free and stain resistant.

If you’re looking for a little luxury at the end of a hectic day, consider adding Cambria to your bathroom surfaces. Virtually maintenance free, Cambria is a perfect way to add a touch of elegance to your shower and tub surround or vanity countertop.

Want to add a touch of class to your den or study? Concider a Cambria fireplace surround — Cambria’s warm colors are the ideal way to create a relaxing atmosphere while enjoying the comfort of family and friends.

Because Cambria surfaces are so versatile, they can be used almost anywhere you want a beautiful surface with lasting durability. From the functionality of a Cambria wet bar surface to the added elegance Cambria adds to accent furniture, tabletops and desktops, the possibilities are endless!

About Cambria

Cambria is a privately held, family-owned company with an entrepreneurial vision. We bring a new perspective and approach to the countertop industry by responding to your needs. Cambria is the only producer of natural quartz surfaces in the United States. All other quartz countertop brands are imported. With state-of-the-art facilities, combined with the work ethic of experienced employee teams, Cambria has rapidly become an industry leader.


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