The World’s Most Efficient and Effective Appliances Use DC

Fisher Paykel products are in a word, Simple, but also as sophisticated as you want them to be. Fisher & Paykel began as manufacturers factory manufacturing equipment, that is, robotics. So, in other words they make the equipment that makes up our appliances, as well as selling that equipment to other manufacturers.

F&P began by imagining the ideal diswasher and with that the concept of the DishDrawer was born. It has taken years of research and refinement to create this appliance that offers a blend of form and function necessary for todays discriminating consumer. With the opportunity for each drawer to be independently operated it is now possible to have the economical, guilt free small load of dishes as economically as large ones, a must for today’s busy families. You have two diswashers in one. It also allows you to customize the wash program to the contents being washed making your dishes last longer while using as little as 2 gallons of water per load. The sanitizing final rinse is an amazing 163 degrees F.

With conventional diswashers, when you change the wash cycle you are simply changing the length of the cycle and in a few possibly the water temperature. With the Fisher Paykel DishDrawer a change in wash cycle changes not only the length and temperature of the cycle, but the water pressure that is used.

Our DishDrawers are equipped with flow through detergent dispensers. This means that rather than dumping the detergent at a designated time the detergent in the DishDrawer pre-mixes the detergent with the water which activates the enzymes so that they can work effectively on your dirty dishes — this also prevents detergent burn.

What makes Fisher Paykel easy and simple to use?

All our compressors and fans in our refrigerators use Direct Current technology. This is the technology that has made the innovative and unique Fisher & Paykel Dish Drawer possible. Each pump and motor does both. Just reverse the polarity, one direction for wash using the propeller on the side for moving the spray arm for washing. Reverse the polarity, and now you’re driving the impeller on the opposite side of the motor for draining.

All of the Fisher & Paykel products use technology, but in ways that make sense – keeping them easy and simple for anyone to use.


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