How Mature is Your Insider Threat Intelligence?

Are insiders a threat to your business? How would you know? Today it is necessary for companies to establish a robust insider threat program that can detect employee-created risk and respond accordingly but keeping employees the employee experience private and transparent. 


Depending on the businesses, different approaches to insider threats are necessary. The executive mustn’t allow cybersecurity paranoia to undermine their business and remember that you need to work with your employees and put them first. 


The responsibility for protecting corporate data assets falls to every employee. Every company must outline the roles and responsibilities required to protect the data assets collected. It includes implementing and enforcing appropriate access controls and data asset management. With the different Privacy Regulations that have recently come into place, consumers and employees get new rights when it comes to how employers collect, use, and store their information. These regulations also implement rules that allow them to correct inaccuracies in the data and even the ability to force companies to delete all their information.

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