5 Unique Social Media and Blogging Tips that BufferApp.com Reach $1 Million in Revenue

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…He uncovers how adding the right images to any claim add credibility and make sharing an article or other piece of content easier:

…Now, of course, the key question that comes in next is, where do you find all these studies? Here are my top three ways to find relevant studies for any type of article I write:

…Add “brain,” “study” or “research” to your Google searches: This is the most obvious, but seems to have helped the most people that asked me.

…For Social Media content: The best sites I’ve found with great studies and research are AdWeekDan Zarrella’s blog and Brian Solis’ blog.

…Adding better images and backing up your arguments with real science, makes a huge difference to how content gets spread.

…What we’ve found and what helped us to significantly increase our Facebook engagement on articles is to use different formats on the same type of content.

Especially since the shelf-life of a link being posted to Facebook is only three hours, there is no way that all your fans will see it.

…The way we go about this is to tear up the article into different, smaller stories and post them individually to Facebook:

…This way you can get double or even triple the amount of engagement by highlighting different elements of the post with each picture.

…Especially when you are getting started, there is nothing better than going for quantity over quality.

…Because it’s only by actually going through a volume of work that you are actually going to catch up and close that gap

…Pitch: Have a clear pitch for a post that you’ve already thought out and drafted (second two lines)

…This means that no matter how well your blog is optimized for conversion, there is no way for any of your visitors to convert.

To solve this, we’ve recently started to experiment with in-text calls to action to capture more readers who aren’t reading directly on your blog.

…Most importantly, track each of these links with services like bitly.com, so you can have quick experiments letting you know if it worked.

…I found that this is the best way to validate an idea, before you spend hours producing a post that no one wants to read.

On top of this, even after an article is live, you can still test the headline using Twitter.

…It’s a great way to combat writer’s block where you might be paralyzed of what they should title the post.

…For a recent article we wrote, this was absolute gold and helped us turn the post into the most popular on the Buffer blog.

…For this article, I wanted to really dig out some of the lesser known tips and tricks for you to make your blogging and social media strategy work.