Want To Search Dark Web? It May Soon Be Easier with New Search Engine

There are three parts to the Internet. The part we know of as the “web” is the surface web and is only one of the elements. The other two sections are the Deep Web, which is the non-indexed part, and that contains most business data, and then there is the Dark Web. The Dark web uses the same technology that runs the surface and deep Internet but to the information secret. When the Federal Government released the Onion Router as a way to allow their operatives to communicate securely.  Smaller in size than other areas of the web, the dark web is is having a much more significant impact on society. Cybercriminals and hackers use cryptocurrency to trade, sell, and use stolen data for their gain. Information found in the Dark web is not only valuable, but it is also fascinating. An enterprising developer has written a new search engine called Kilos, specifically for searching for hidden goods and services throughout this area of the web.


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