Mark Zuckerberg’s Childhood Web Site

It’s embarrassing, as most things are when we were awkward 15-year-old teenagers finishing freshman year of high school. He calls himself Slim Shady! He made something called the Vader Fader! A blinking dinosaur eye welcomes you to his website! But the Angelfire page is also fascinating considering what we know now about Zuckerberg. He describes a Java app called “The Web“, which connected people to one another over the Internet.

So is this the real deal? It looks like it. Motherboard discovered that the contact e-mail of the Angelfire page ( is an old AOL account under the primary account of ‘ekzooks’. Which is interesting because that ‘ekzooks’ username has been used all over the Internet by a Dr. Edward Zuckerberg. Who is Dr. Edward Zuckerberg? Well, only the father of Mark Zuckerberg.

Everything seems to really point to 15-year-old Zuck creating this Angelfire page but with the Internet being what it is, you never know if this is just some sort of elaborate hoax by some hungry app developer who thinks magnetic poetry can be sold for millions. Still, whether Zuck really once called himself Slim Shady or not, getting a glimpse of what you did as a 15-year-old is never forgiving. You can see more of what might be Mark Zuckerberg’s first website here.