Will Facebook Win the Google War?

The winner-takes-almost-all battle between giants is entering phase two as Google begins to compete directly against Facebook and as Facebook is rumored to be starting a new email service.  Both companies have completely different methods, but share the same ultimate goal of taking over the online world.

Google wants to be the ultimate container and search engine for all knowledge in the world.  They’ve been indexing the online world since their inception and have added massive scanning of books, photographing of homes and businesses and second-to-none mapping technologies.

Facebook is taking another approach.  They’re building a closed universe of users who trust each other.  Ultimately, they’re looking to have friends recommend friends — something that happens regularly in real life.  If you’re looking for anything from a new TV to a new Doctor you’re likely to ask a friend or two their opinions.  And that’s where Facebook wants to be.

If both companies are able to play their cards out to the end it’s likely that the Facebook strategy will win.  Of course, much of that depends upon finances and Google is the clear winner here with billions in real revenue and profits.

Facebook is still far behind Google’s income, but has solved the eternal Internet problem – How Do You Get People to Identify Themselves?  Over 200 million people have voluntarily given Facebook detailed information about themselves, their friends, the things they like and even their family details.  Wins don’t get much bigger than this.