iPhone App Provides Personal Assistant Services

A startup with a new twist on Personal Assistant Services has popped up, and it can make your life quite a bit easier.  All of us are busier than we’d like to be, and using fancyhands, we can help make things a little easier.

Available Everywhere
Request tasks via email, phone, or the web from anywhere in the world. If you’re comfortable using email, the web, or a telephone, you’ll have no trouble asking us to do things for you.

Basecamp Integration
With Basecamp integration, you can assign tasks directly from Basecamp, see our updates on their website or any third party applications. We’ll even close the todo list items when we’re done. Your data is secure the entire time.

Appointment Scheduling
They can manage your calendar for you! Scheduling does not count towards your monthly tasks whenever an assistant adds an appointment to your calendar. Simply CC “your assistant” when you need to schedule an appointment or have them reach out to the third party. They’ll work out the details and add the event to your integrated Google calendar.

Need them to buy flowers for a loved one, or tickets for a show, or dinner for one? They can make purchases for you. Fancy Hands can make purchases on your behalf and your credit card information is kept secure the entire time.

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