Must Read Internet Report from Mary Meeker

If you only read two things a year, they need to be Mary Meeker‘s analysis of the state of the Internet and technology in general.  She just released new new presentation (copied below), and in it outlines:

  • Internet growth remains robust
  • Internet penetration in the U.S. leads all other countries.
  • iPods Changed Media Industry… iPhones Ramped EvenFaster… iPad Growth (3x iPhone) Leaves “Siblings” in Dust
  • Android ‘Phone’ Adoption Has Ramped Even Faster –Nearly 6x iPhone
  • Global Smartphone + Tablet Shipments Exceeded PCs in Q4
  • Global Smartphone + Tablet Installed Base Should Exceed PC Installed Base in Q2, 2013
  • 169 Years In, Standalone Compact Camera Shipments Were Surpassed By Smartphone (with Camera) Shipments
  • 20+ Years In, Portable Navigation Device Unit Shipments Were Surpassed by Waze