Netflix Raised Prices for DVDs

Once the bastion of cheap DVD rentals, the victor over the war against Blockbuster and thousands of local DVD rental stores, Netflex is getting out of the business.  At least that’s what they hope will happen.

Netflix is pushing their customers intoonline rentals of movies rather than renting DVDs via the US mail.  It obviously sees steaming media as the wave of the future, but it’s got some serious problems in the present.

In order to view Netflix movies streaming online you’ll need to have:

The biggest problem with their streaming is the quality of the video itself.  My personal experience of watching Netflix movies on a WII or PlayStation has been poor at best.

Given time, I’m sure it’ll improve, but with Internet ISPs pushing tiered pricing this model may end up being much more costly for the end user.

The pricing?  Instead of paying $10 per month for all-you-can-stream online movies and endless DVDs via US  mail, the services have been split into two separate plans. For unlimited movie streaming service, you’ll pay eight bucks a month. For unlimited DVDs, you’ll pay eight bucks a month. So if you still want both, it’ll cost you $16 a month total.