Ransomware rings adapt to business declarations by Revealing Stolen Data

Did you know that backups may no longer help you recover from Ransomware? Ransomware is rapidly infecting businesses across the world.  Even the most prepared organization have found themselves victimized. 

Having good backups and responding quickly to the execution of ransomware malware often limits the damage done by an attack. However, ransomware operators are now adapting by changing their ransomware attack models.  In the past companies could issue a press release stating that no personal data was released and restore from a backup. But now the ransomware rings known as Maze and Sodinokibi (REvil) have adopted a model of stealing the company data and then using that stolen data to ensure customers will make a payment under threat that they will publish the stolen data for sale. 

What it does demonstrate is that simply having a good backup can no longer protect you from extensive damage perpetrated by ransomware rings.