Social Media and Politics – Drone Follows You and Shoots – NSA Dragnet Went Too Far

Social Media is Changing the Nature of Political Campaigns

When social media is involved, politics can become a very dangerous game. When every speech, appearance, and remark can be recorded for posterity journalists tend to take advantage of that fact. As a result, politicians are becoming more guarded, and some are even using social media themselves to cut journalists off at the pass.

Throw This Drone in the Air and It Will Follow You Wherever You Go

Drones, or unmanned systems, are revolutionizing how we can take photos and videos. In fact, drones can take incredible footage in places that humans could never reach (like the mouth of an erupting volcano). This new drone called the Lily Camera is designed to follow you through GPS and capture footage wherever you go. Just throw it up in the air to get started.

Warrantless Snooping Goes Far Beyond the NSA’s Phone-Record Dragnet

The Fourth Amendment prohibits “unreasonable searches and seizures” of our “persons, houses, papers, and effects.” But according to the Supreme Court, the Fourth Amendment does not protect our papers once we entrust them to someone else.

The dubious “third-party doctrine,” enunciated before the Internet existed and mobile phones became ubiquitous, was crucial to the outcome of a case decided by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit last week. The court said an armed robber named Quartavius Davis had no constitutional grounds to object when the FBI linked him to several crime scenes with cellphone location data that it obtained without a probable-cause warrant.

The court’s logic was straightforward: Those records did not belong to Davis; they belonged to MetroPCS, his mobile phone company. So even though they revealed everywhere he went over the course of 67 days, he had no reasonable expectation that the information would remain private.

That means the government can find out what we watch on YouTube, what we look up on Wikipedia, what we buy on Amazon, and whom we “friend” on Facebook or date via—”all without a warrant.” In fact, Martin noted, “the government could ask ‘cloud’-based file-sharing services like Dropbox or Apple’s iCloud for all the files we relinquish to their servers,” said dissenting Judge Beverly Martin.

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Airport Security Advances Clash With Privacy Issues

At Northeastern University they are developing a security system that no one even knows is there. It tracks all your movements in the airport, detects people going the wrong way and even records your face, clothing, size, etc. so TSA can track you down.

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