The Formula for Launching Products That Changed the Internet

[I only just found out about them, but Jeff’s Fantastic Videos are likely going down tonight…  Check them out now.  He won’t be releasing another set for at least a year.]

I only give good advise ?  Follow me on this one.

A couple of years ago I had a guest on the show who had launched some of the biggest products on the Internet. He’d had great success, so I researched it a little more and signed up for his course. It described, in detail, how to launch a product online. I ended up signing up for the
course, paying my $$ and found absolutely fantastic value. It was a soup-to-nuts course by the world’s leading Product Launch guy, Jeff

He’s released a set of absolutely free value-packed, no-registration required videos. They aren’t the typical hard-sell videos, in fact he
only mentions where you can find more at the end. These are value-packed, no-registration-required videos.

Jeff just took down the “firewall” that was hiding three super high-value full-length training videos… they’re all on one page, and you don’t
need to opt-in to see them. You can watch them here:

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P.S. If you think these videos are awesome (and they are)… then you should definitely check out Jeff’s full-blown training: