Web Tools — Clipmarks: Next Generation Bookmarking

Eric Goldstein the CEO of NYC-based Clipmarks joins Craig to discuss Web Clipping the next generation of bookmarking.

This new Web clipping tool allows Internet users to just “clip” the text or multimedia section of a Web page or of multiple Web pages and automatically save it, share it, email it or blog it. Clipping is the next evolution in bookmarking that is becoming a dynamic trend. Clipmarks along with other available Web tools exist to help Internet users save and share information.

Eric and Craig will discuss what prompted him to create Clipmarks, and exactly what it does and what it is.

Why is Web clipping the not same thing as bookmarking and how they differ.

What he sees as the most popular Web tools available online right now and how they really impact how internet users save info?

Why he feels that Web clipping is going to become a standard Web tool and part of most internet user’s experience

The ease of use of Clipmarks and why he designed it for the casual internet user and not only like other web tools that are only for the more technically inclined.

Where he see Clipmarks five years from now.

About Eric Goldstein:
Eric Goldstein, 33, currently resides in the NYC-area with his wife and daughter. He graduated from Lehigh University with a B.S. in Finance and law school in 1999. Soon after passing the NY and NJ bar exams, Eric decided he did not want to practice law – he was much more interested in creating/leading companies. He knew that getting involved in the Web was his best opportunity to do so. His first foray in the Web was starting an online sports fantasy company with a friend. He was able to cash in with a major media company shortly before the major dot com crash. Following the fantasy sports sell, Eric founded a company called Amplify, which allowed people to create Web collages out of info they found on the Web. Amplify received a lot of praise and success and, in mid-2005, Amplify morphed into Clipmarks. Clipmarks now leverages the Amplify in a different way – focusing on each individual clip vs. the collage concept.

About Clipmarks:
Clipmarks is a new way to save and share the interesting things you find on the web. The free browser add-on lets you clip text, images and videos from inside web pages then save, blog, email and print what you clip. The Clipmarks web site is home to a vibrant community of clippers who share their clips, leave comments and pop their favorite clips to the top for everyone to see. Version 2.0 just launched at the end of February.


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