Alexa, Now A Truly Useful Smart Assistant


Smart assistants are being used widely in homes worldwide and Amazon is has a significant part of the market with more than 150 different products that feature Alexa capabilities.  Alexa can control several smart devices and can even act as a home automation system. Then you make “skills” you or use those prepared by third parties, and you have a truly unique interactive assistant. Amazon works tirelessly to ensure that everything with Alexa follows Amazon’s privacy policy and doesn’t misuse data.  This week they announced several new features like the ability to ask Alexa why she did something or what the last thing she heard was. Amazon has increased the privacy features for Alexa, and she can even apologize when she gets something wrong. Need to learn how to cook — you can take cooking lessons on Alexa in thanks to a partnership with Food Network. And you can control wi-fi access with Alexa. All in all, it is creating a feature-rich assistant experience.

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