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Joined Jack on NH Today talking about the future of drone deliveries that may affect the jobs of today, as wages per hour cost more.
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WGIR – 2017-01-23_77-Drone-Deliveries-by-711

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Airing Date: January 23, 2017

77 Drone Deliveries by 7-11 – Where Will It Lead the Patriots Win Again


Craig Peterson: Jack Heath has the biggest radio show in the state of New Hampshire and I’m on him every Monday morning. We discuss the latest technology and sometimes a little politics.


Jack Heath: Joining us now… (INAUDIBLE) Thank you for your patience Craig Peterson, our Tech Talk guy. Joining us and Craig, with his weekend show. What are you watching as you get into the week?

Craig: Hey, you know, this is, I think the first time in my whole life that I watched two football games. I watched Atlanta win. And that was a very good game.

Jack: Yeah, they beat the Packers senseless.

Craig: Well, you know, one of my son-in-law’s a big, big Green Bay fan. They’re from Wisconsin. And his parents, even worse. My grandkids have Green Bay outfits and have some since they were born. I’ve never seen anyone so into sports and one sports team like these people. But they absolutely love it. So they switched over to, of course, the Patriots after Green Bay won, and then we watched the Patriots game last night too. It was really, really impressive, that team. You know what amazes me and, ok, I’m not a big sports fan, I’ve seen two dozen games in my entire lifetime. But what amazed me was Tom Brady being able to throw the ball where the receiver is going to be.

Jack: Yeah. That’s how they do it. They practice like, you know, the best show in New York onstage. I mean this is all, these routes, these practices, they start in the summer. They read each other’s minds. That’s why one of the Patriots’ picks, you heard the, I forget, is an unlikely guy. Wasn’t Butler but one of the younger folks who made a [??] was holding the ball after coz they don’t want to give it up. Why would he? He just read Ben Roethlisberger’s eyes then he knew where he was throwing ahead of the time and then anyway, good stuff and the Patriots. Alright, let’s switch Craig Peterson with Tech Talk. I wanna ask you a question coming off in the weekend. I don’t wanna get in on a debate over crowds. But the other thing was, you know, new. It seems every four years there’s something new. It’s the number of people that watch some of the inauguration or inaugural stuff on their handheld online versus like your traditional cable TV network or radio.

Craig: Yeah. Well that’s the way it’s going isn’t it? We all have these mobile devices. Most people now are consuming video content of all types on their smartphones. And that’s the dramatic thing. It’s a dramatic change. And we’re seeing

also just more and more polarization as people are tweeting within their own little universes. You know, Facebook and Twitter are both trying to give you articles they think you’ll be the most interested in. So that means they’re not showing you opposing viewpoints. So if all of your friends are tweeting picture of the inauguration and they’re saying, look at this, see how bad the crowd was. And in fact it was a picture from the day before, earlier in the day. You know, you’re not gonna know. And you’re not gonna realize what the crowd’s really were. And then when the news comes, you’re not gonna believe them. Because you saw the pictures, Jack.

Jack: Yeah.

Craig: So you’ve made up your mind as to what the real truth is. So, I’m not sure, good or bad, ultimately here, I think it’s great that people were interested. They can consume this content any way that they want to. This was, I think, first time I’ve ever sat and watch most of the presidential inauguration as well. This has been my TV week this week. I pulled up C-SPAN, which is generally available on cable. This is an interesting time now because we’ve got fewer jobs because of technology. Fewer low hill jobs because of technology. And businesses are letting people go because they can’t afford to pay $15 an hour for someone. Because remember, on the business standpoint, Jack, if you’re paying somebody $15 an hour, you’ve got, that person has to be making you $30 per hour to cover their cost. And when you’re looking at a low-end job, how many people are really worth the $30 an hour, are gonna be able to generate that kind of income? So we’re seeing more and more automation.

I was talking on my show Saturday. And I’d be talking about it more today on my daily podcast a study that was just done saying that what’s in the next one to two decades worldwide, we will lose 1.1 trillion jobs. So, 8 years from today from today, assuming president Trump gets two terms, 8 years from today, Trump is going to be looking at different America than he sees today. Everything from the autonomous cars to artificial intelligence doing jobs. You know, he loves sports, so do most people out there. Do you realize that some 90 plus percent of all sports pages and sports websites today, over 90% are written by computer. That no one is actually sitting there writing the article, going to the editor, getting the editors to approve it, and publishing it. It is entirely by a computer, with someone just reviewing to make sure the computer didn’t make any grammatical mistakes. Well who would’ve thought that a reporter’s job would be automatable? And yet it is. We’re looking forward to an America that is far different than today. We have some real problems we’re gonna have to address. What do you do with these unemployed people, potentially even unemployable people? How do we handle social security? Wow, I would not want to be Trump right now.

Jack: Yeah, you know. It’s gonna be something that’s really interesting and one thing that you just brought up, of course, is the automation. Reading the news myself, 7-11, they had 77 drone drops. Do you know anything about that?

Craig: Yeah, this is incredible because, you know, we’ve been talking about Amazon and their drone delivery program and some people think that it’s just a farce that really just trying to get publicity. But yes, 7-11. They delivered 77, which is what, 7 times 11, right? 77 packages via drone. They’re using different technology than Amazon is. They’re lowering your package by a tether. They’re doing kind of what Domino’s has done. They’re letting you know when your six pack of beer or your chips or whatever it is for the game. They’re letting you know when it was picked from your local 7-11’s shelf, when it’s on the drone, where the drone is, when the drone…

Jack: I’d like to know what could 7-11 possibly deliver that you’d want. I’m kidding. That’s a slam…

Craig: It’s the snacks, it’s the game.

Jack: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Craig: And they’ll expand too. They’ll start doing more and more and it’s gonna be your local store. That’s gonna change it all too.

Jack: Yeah, I don’t know. Alright, thank you very much Craig Peterson on this Monday morning. Have a good one. Yeah, I’m on this whole drone thing. I guess you can’t stop technology in the future. But at a time where security is pretty tight, you know, the more things dropping over your home and all that, or stadiums, once someone who’s a little twisted does… you’re gonna see a lot of drone technology go backwards. I don’t know if I’m gonna be investing in the drone world but that’s just me.


Craig: Hey, thanks for joining us today. Do you have any questions? By all means, you can just send me a text, 855 385 5553. And make sure you subscribe to the podcast http://CraigPeterson.com/itunes.