Google Steps Up Cell Phone Game

Google‘s $12.5 Billion acquisition of Motorola Mobility gives it the opportunity to truly own two markets that it’s been pursuing heavily, Cell Phones and set-top Boxes.

After the failure of its Nexus phones to build a real market, Google will be able to build on one of the best cell phone hardware platforms on the market.  And they already run Android.  Of course, other cell phone hardware manufacturers might not be so willing to use Android as a platform with Google competing against them on the hardware side.  It could push HTC and others away from Android and onto another platform.

The set-top boxes are going to allow Google further inroads into the television business.  Ultimately, this gives them unprecedented strength in content-to-TV delivery, email and even web browsing.  Think Microsoft’s WebTV which can actually work.

Although the deal still has to be approved, the Patents that will be acquired could make Google an impossible-to-beat handset manufacturer.  Good for them, bad for everybody else.