Doing Interviews at Ad:Tech in New York City

We’ve had a great response to the 70+ interviews we conducted at CES in January with everyone from the CEO of Blockbuster through the CEOs of dozens of brand-new product companies.  Combine that with requests from those of us who work at businesses who need a lift to their bottom-line, and we think we’ve got a great solution.

So… we’re going to New York to get some more live on-site interviews with industry leaders at ad:tech!

We’re planning on putting together a series of interviews bundled with our regular shows to help businesses get back on their feet using modern Advertising and Marketing!  What is the technology in use today for Advertising and Marketing, everything from broadcasting through direct-mail and doing-it-yourself through hiring an agency.  What can business owners/managers use/do to help promote their businesses in this increasingly cluttered and busy world?

This should be a fun series that we’ll be sure to post on our podcast site!

Drop us a note if you have any feedback, and thanks for reading/listening!